Your Ultimate Guide to Forearm Tattoos (2023)

Your Ultimate Guide to Forearm Tattoos (1)

How Bad do Forearm Tattoos Hurt?

Forearm tattoos typically don’t hurt as much as other areas of the body, but there can be some discomfort as with any type of body art tattoo.Sleeve tattoos are popular because there is a large segment of skin to have a canvas for art on. You can basically draw a world map on them, going across and around the entire forearm.Couples also have great ideas for sharing matching tattoos on their forearms. We use our arms and hands each day around other people, making tattoos present in those locations more easily seen.Forearm tattoos always make a statement. Yours will be personal and represent you in the best way it possibly can, showcasing the best of the best of body art through symbolism and aesthetics.

Do Inner Forearm Tattoos Hurt?

The worst part of the forearm to get tattooed is probably the wrist area. Even with smaller tattoos, the feeling of the needle hitting the tendons of your arm can not just be painful, but uncomfortable. Some people liken this feeling to a cat scratching you over and over, but for others, it’s not as painful as on the meatier parts of the skin.Your general pain tolerance is always going to be your best barometer of whether or not a tattoo is going to hurt or not, but you can always ask others with a similar tolerance as to their experience. Researching how generally painful the area is beforehand is a good idea also, as it’s always better to know what to expect than not.

Do Forearm Tattoos Look Good?

The negative space on the arms is perfect for drawing upon, and artists have used the forearm area to help typify hundreds of exceptional tattoos ideas for men and women. There is asexuality regarding this type of tattoo, so the symbols that can be used for it are nearly endless and full of possibility.Forearm tattoo design is a practiced discipline, and there are many kinds of ideas that you can literally draw upon. The forearm can accommodate everything from a tiny personal symbol to a huge overarching piece that people will notice each time they see you.Whether you are someone who loves talking about their body art or you just want a personal reminder of someone special, you can’t go wrong with forearm tattoos. As such, they are incredibly popular and versatile, so don’t be afraid to experiment with stylized designs or draw out something entirely new.

How Long Does it Take for a Tattoo on the Forearm to Heal?

Healing for forearm tattoos can vary widely. If you got something large like an entire sleeve, healing will obviously take many months. For something smaller, like an inner arm tattoo symbol, you’re looking at two weeks at best.Since a tattoo is essentially and open wound, take care to not expose it to dirty water or chemicals that can make your skin irritated and sensitive. You may want to wait awhile before showering in order to prevent any unnecessary “softening” of the area.Don’t pick at any scabs that form, and try to only scratch them if necessary, since these are essential to healing. They allow adequate blood flow and aeration for the area that keep scars from forming. If you end up picking off your scabs, you’re going to leave behind a nasty scar for little to no benefit.

Are Forearm Tattoos Bad for Jobs?

Some jobs require individuals with forearm tattoos to cover them up during the time that they’re at work. Ambulance companies are a good example of this, requiring their EMTs and paramedics to wear color-specific, long sleeve shirts or coverings in order to prevent anyone seeing their arm tattoos.Corporate companies of all kinds tend to frown upon visible tattoos, especially on the forearm, as this part of the body is presented to potential clients and superiors daily, and no one wants to have a potentially bad explanation as to what a symbolic tattoo might mean when presented to someone else.This is not always due to an inherent stigma of tattoos, but rather in creating an environment where employees are presented as similar uniformed persons, all representative of a company. Individuality is not always praised in these types of jobs, as there is one thing that must be done consistently and without potential distraction, no matter how small that might be.Your Ultimate Guide to Forearm Tattoos (4)

Will a Forearm Tattoo Stretch?

Forearm tattoos for both men and women have a potential of stretching with old age or as the muscles of the arm deteriorate or strengthen. However, this is typically not that noticeable even over time, as plenty of people have had sleeves since they were young and are now old enough to present a sample size of this.The best thing you can do is not to worry about the long term appearance of your tattoo. At worst, you’ll need to go back in after awhile for a touch up, as all tattoo ink fades over time or with lesser quality ink.Your Ultimate Guide to Forearm Tattoos (5)

Long Term Care:

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, the ink in your tattoo will fade much faster. Be sure to use sunblock when you spend a lot of time outdoors in the clearer, warmer weather. Over time, you won’t regret it.No matter how well you take care of your tattoo, it will still fade over time. Your body’s skin color may make it look a bit different than its first application, but you don’t have to worry about that if you have a trustworthy shop to go to and do touch ups on it.You can always check out another shop than the one that initially did your tattoo, as you can get a fresh take on it or further suggestions with how to improve it. You might even walk out with a completely new piece of work by the time you’re done.

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