UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (2023)

MMA or Mixed Martial Art is one of the most loved hand-to-hand combat formats. In every culture, this fighting format has a different version. UFC orUltimate Fighting Championship is what handles MMA in the US. It’s the world’s most famous MMA promotion company best known for its high-level and extensive fights. As of 2022, 600 fights and events have already been organized across the world.

Canada (Canada VPN), the UK (the UK VPN), Germany, Australia (Australia VPN). Dubai and UAE have already witnessed the adrenaline rush that comes with a UFC fight as UFC events are already held in all these regions.

If you love MMA then it’s hard to miss out on UFC fights.Fans of MMA and UFC are all over the world. Sadly, the UFC orUltimate Fighting Championship content isn’t available to everyone. Due to copyright laws, geographical restrictions, and government impositions, UFC content isn’t offered in every part of the world. In all of this, only UFC fans suffer.

If you’re a hardcore UFC fan and don’t want to miss out on a single fight then this post is the best help you can ever ask for.

The post features the findings of extensive research that I, along with my team, carried out to find the best UFC free stream websites that work in 2022. Scroll down to know more about them.

Where To Watch Official UFC Fights?

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The official live telecast and streaming partners for UFC fights are only a handful and come with a hefty subscription cost. During my research, I was able to find out that only ESPN and FOX Sports Networks hold cable and satellite broadcasting rights for UFC. You have to get their subscription to watch UFC fights.

When it comes to UFC streaming, the legally authorized options are UFC Fight Pass, Sling TV, Hulu+ (Hulu VPN), YouTube TV (YouTube VPN), and fuboTV. While they all are legal partners for UFC streaming, they all are very pocket-pinching, For instance, one has to pay $65/ month for YouTube TV while Sling TV costs $25/ month.

The worst part is not the cost but the fact that one has to pay full price for each PPV event. Mark my words, despite the hefty cost, you’ll still have high ad annoyance. Does it even make any sense to pay such a high cost and yet have a poor streaming experience?

Not really! So, what’s the way out?

Well, the way out here is to use a website providing UFC free streams. There are plenty of them. Some work while hundreds of them don’t work. I and my team checked some of the most famous UFC free stream websites and have come up with a list of the best options available.

Best 7 Websites To Watch UFC Online Free Live Stream

#1 – UFC Channel On YouTube

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YouTube TV is a subscription-based service but YouTube Videos is not. It’s the best free way to enjoy the videos for free. For UFC users, a dedicated UFC Channel provides official UFC fight videos. The channel has 13.5 million subscribers. One can sense the popularity of this channel from the fact that the channel was launched in 2004 and it has received 5,120,230,333 views as of today.

The best part about this channel is that here one gets to watch the most famous MMA fights and UFC fight events for free. There are ample videos on the website. To make your search easy, it features a playlist with detailed captions.

Along with UFC fights, the channel provides videos related to player interviews, expert verdicts, and after-fight scenes as well.

News about upcoming UFC fights is also provided. All in all, this website provides recent and updated information about UFC fights and events. It’s a must-try.

(Video) FULL EPISODE | UFC 282 Countdown


  • Official and real fight videos
  • Dedicated channels for different countries
  • Fight commentaries are offered in native languages


  • Live fights and matches are not available
  • For long-duration fights, ad intrusion is high

Rating – 9.8/10

#2 – UFC Stream

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (3)

If anything can beat YouTube’s UFC Channel then it’s the UFC Stream website. As far as our research goes, the streams here are gathered from Reddit and are updated regularly.

Here, you’ll be able to stream MMA fights, UFC Fight Night Live,and Weight Championships. As per the latest updates., UFC 272: Covington vs Masvidal streams watch live stream is also offered.

As far as video quality is concerned, quality is good as one can stream in 1080p resolution for free. The website is quite educational as well as detailed information on upcoming MMA or UFC events is posted with details like players, time, and date.


  • Details of upcoming UFC events and fights are posted a day prior
  • Links work most of the time


  • No recording and past fight details are offered

Rating – 9.5/10

Rating – 9/10

#3 – Reddit

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (4)

Reddit is not an unfamiliar name for all of us. Here, one gets the answer for almost everything. And if you’re looking forUFC 264 free stream Redditthen you won’t be disappointed as the platform provides access to UFC events and content.

In MMA and UFC subreddits, you’ll get some of the most recent and verified links. But, not always as some links are fake or are redirected to other websites. Such links come from hackers or third-party service providers that want to promote their services in the name ofUFC 268 free streamlinks.

But still, Reddit is a great place to be when you need to get the official links of UFC fights for free. If you managed to get aworkable link then you’ll have an amazing UFC streaming experience as the quality is mostly good.

The best part about this platform is that real-time Reddit users downvote/upvote the posts. So, you’ll be able to find out which links are working and which are not. So, if you want to getUFC 264 live stream free, check the upvote/downvote status of the link provided.


  • Live stream links are offered
  • Users share their real-time feedback with the links


  • Some links may carry viruses or other malicious content

Rating – 8.8/10

#4 – MamaHD

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (5)

Even though MamaHD is a new player in the free UFC streaming world, this website is considered-worthy and provides the latest UFC fight videos. The video quality is nice and is available for free. Along with the fight, you get to watch the videos related to after-fight conversations, expert reviews, and player interviews. All in all, it provides the best entertainment for UFC lovers.


  • Diverse content
  • HD quality content is offered


  • Too many ads to disturb

Rating – 8.5/10

(Video) Bruce Lee vs. Titan Atlas - EA Sports UFC 4 - Epic Fight 🔥🐲

#5 – Stream2Watch TV UFC

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (6)

If you don’t mind creating an account on the free UFC stream website then you can try the Stream2Watch TV UFC website as this website providesUFC 268 stream freein good quality. The site has a simple interface and is very easy to use. There are free live streams available.


  • Latest content
  • Updated schedules


  • Forced account creation can be an issue

Rating – 8.3/10

#6 – FromHots

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (7)

FromHots is a free third-party site offering UFC 257 free stream and many other free UFC streams. Even though the website doesn’t host the content, it collects the quality links from multiple sources from various platforms and provides all of them in a unified place.

So, it’s obvious that some of the links that you get here might be related to a website that requires an active subscription to view the content.


  • Links from various sources are included
  • Various highlights and IPTV channels links are also there


  • As the links are not verified before posting, you might get faulty or malicious links

Rating – 8/10

#7 – LivePremiumTV.com

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (8)

LivePremiumTV.com is a very famous TV streaming website that helps you watch cable or satellite-based TV channels. For the UFC stream, this website provides inputs from ESPN and many other sports channels. Hence, there is no way to raise a finger at its ingenuity. You can watch the live streams on Android, iOS, Chrome, and Windows platforms.

However, this website isn’t completely free. You have to pay for a subscription. But, there is a free trial that lets you watch UFC 269 free live stream. To activate the free trial, you need to sign-up for free. The best part of being on this website is that you can also record the UFC online free live streams. So, just go for it.


  • Verified and official UFC streams
  • Record Now and Watch Later facility is offered


Subscription cost is involved

Rating – 9/10

VPN – The Only Way To Enjoy SafeUFC Free Stream

Unless you don’t stream via an official source or link,UFC free streams arealways dangerous.

Although all the above free UFC stream sites work, it’s hard to declare them 100% safe as many of us have experienced issues like corrupted links, intrusive ads, unsafe redirects, torrent links, and virus-infected files.

(Video) Ilia Topuria vs Jai Herbert | FREE FIGHT | UFC 282

Hence, streaming from free sites is always a risky job. The only way to reduce theUFC free streamrisks is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network. This advanced piece of technology protects you in multiple ways while you want to enjoyUFC 257 live stream free.

For instance:

  • It encrypts all the incoming/outgoing traffic and removes the critical data. So, once you access a free UFC stream site, you have no fear to have compromised data.
  • It helps you deal with geo-blocking of UFC content. Let’s admit this; UFC is violent. Because of this, it’s banned in many countries. And, if you reside in such a country then no free or paid website will work in your region. The geo-blocking works by identifying the IP address of the users and providing content that’s allowed by that region. With a VPN, you can be virtually present elsewhere and trick the ISP and geo-tracking technology (learn how to change your IP here). For example, you can content with an Australian server, have an Australian IP address, and access UFC fights and content from your Iran home.
  • It blocks the ads and malicious content.The major issue with all above websites is heavy ad intrusion and the presence of corrupted links. Many verified and trusted VPNs come with an in-build malware/ad blocker that one can use to block all the dangerous links. This way, an unsafe website becomes super safe.
  • It helps you deal with excessive bandwidth consumption and ISP bandwidth throttling.Some of the UFC fights are hours long and high-quality video streaming can consume too much bandwidth. If you’ve got a limited bandwidth internet plan, you won’t have a continual streaming experience. With a reliable VPN, you get unlimited bandwidth and complete concealing of online activities. So, there is nothing to worry about bandwidth running out orISP throttling.

All in all, if you want to have a greatUFC free streamexperience with all the above websites or via any other means, using a VPN is a must. With the help of this technology, you can’t get success in this job.

Best 4 VPNs ForUFC Free Stream

It’s confirmed that if you want to be safe and sound while accessingUFC 269 free live streamwebsites, you need the help of a VPN. The next thing that you must know is the best-offered options. Gladly, we took a deep dig into this matter as well. Here are the top VPNs to use forUFC freestream.

  • ExpressVPN

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (9)

One of the most streaming-friendly VPNs with a wide list of streaming-optimized servers, ExpressVPN is the best choice to access free UFC stream websites. Its servers are known for blazing speed and will not have any lagging or buffering issues.

It provides a dedicated app for all the leading platforms. So, you can use any device to watch your favorite UFC fights. As HD and 4K quality videos are supported by this VPN, you won’t have any issues streaming the UFC content.

While you access a free UFC stream website, you can have ultimate peace of mind as ExpressVPN adopts the best security features and strong encryption. For instance, there is AES-256 Bit military-grade encryption in place. Advanced Lightway protocol supports streaming. All in all, this VPN is a great choice to access UFC 262 free live stream.

Visit the ExpressVPN website

  • NordVPN

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (10)

Along with high-end encryption and SmartDNS features, NordVPN offers a SmartPlay feature as well to support streaming. It’s a default feature in NordVPN and provides instant access to streaming websites and content.

Visit the NordVPN website

  • CyberGhost

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (11)

Stream without any restrictions with CyberGhost as this streaming-friendly VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and server switching. It has a wide range of streaming-optimized servers that supports HD and buffer-free streaming. As it supports Kodi, along with other platforms, you’re all set to enjoy better streaming.

At a time, you can use it on 7 devices and as there are no bandwidth restrictions, you’re all set to have an unbeatable streaming experience.

To make sure that there is no bandwidth issue, this VPN undergoes CPU, RAM, and tons of software optimizations. With its 45-days money-back guarantee, you’ll have ultimate peace of mind.

(Video) How Long Does A Pencil Last?

Visit the CyberGhost website

  • Surfshark

UFC Free Stream- Top 7 Websites To Make It Happen (12)

With more than 3200 streaming-optimized servers, Surfshark is here to help you stream UFC free. It supports 4k HD stream on devices like iOS (iPhone VPN), Android (Android VPN), macOS (Mac VPN), Windows (Windows VPN), Linux (Linux VPN), Chrome (Chrome VPN), Firefox (Firefox VPN), FireTV, Apple TV, as well as other smart TVs, Xbox, and Playstation.







  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Vudu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • SkyTV
  • Disney+, etc.
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Vudu
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • SkyTV, Disney+, etc.
  • ESPN
  • Fox
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • HBO Now
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • YouTube, etc.
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • HBO
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • ESPN
  • YouTube TV

Streaming Features

SmartDNS, MediaStreamer, Split tunneling, and kill Switch

High-speed server, multiple server switching, split tunneling, port forwarding, and kill switch

4K quality streaming, streaming-optimized servers, kill switch, unlimited bandwidth, and buffer-free HD streaming

SmartDNS, geo-spoofing, Split tunneling, and multi-device support

Unlimited bandwidth





Simultaneous connection





In-built ad blocker


Threat Protection technology





For every UFC fan, it’s hard to stay away from the UFC fights and events. Subscription costs, copyright laws, geographical restrictions, and various other reasons can stop one from enjoying UFC content.Free UFC streamwebsites can help you with accessing free UFC content. But, the endless risks like redirects, malicious links, and broken links are there to haunt you.

The easiest possible way to enjoyUFC 268 live stream freeis to use a streaming-optimized VPN and then accessUFC free streamwebsites. The options that we share with you are considered-worthy for sure. Give them a try and I am sure that you’ll have an amazingUFC live stream freeexperience.

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What is the best VPN for streaming?

VPNs having streaming-optimized servers, features like SmartDNS and split tunneling, wide server network, and multi-device compatibility are considered best for streaming. Considering all this, I can conclude that ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, and CyberGhost are the best as all these VPNs are packed with all these features.


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