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What is in a dog’s name? There are lists of common dog names, but…what do they mean? Are certain dog names associated with certain traits?

Dogs have various characteristics and personalities. For example, some dogs are laid back, while others energetic, and some are loving, while others are more independent. Ideally, pet parents want to pick the perfect name for their new family member, one that fits the dog’s unique personality.

Below are 32 girl dog names, accompanied by information about the origin, meaning, and physical & personality characteristics associated with each name. We hope this information gives you inspiration!

The Meaning Behind the Top 32 Female Dog Names

The following are characteristics associated with each girl dog name:


Dogs named Bella are often small and pretty. They are generally agile and graceful. Most Bellas are very loyal to their owners and used to being spoiled. Bellas like to be fussed over with grooming, nail painting, or playing dress up. Their favorite color is pink! Bella is one of the most common girl dog names used in the United States. Origin: Italian. Meaning: Beautiful.


Lucy is the perfect name for a spoiled dog. Lucys are loved and given lots of attention and time. Most Lucys are smart dogs and good problem solvers. They are alert and not much gets by them without them knowing about it. Many dogs named Lucy are described as “beautiful.” Origin: Latin. Meaning: Light and learning.


Bailey is a unisex name that is often used on both male and female dogs. Female dogs named Bailey are generally sweet and kind. They like quiet times spent alone with their owners. They often have a “sweet tooth” and will beg if given the opportunity. Origin: English. Meaning: Bailiff.


Dogs named Lola are thoughtful, friendly dogs. They frequently evaluate the situation before jumping right in. They are loveable. Lola is a diminutive of Dolores. Origin: Spanish and English. Meaning: “Lady of Sorrows,” a name believed to be taken from a title for the Virgin Mary.


Dogs named Daisy are sweet dogs with loving personalities. They are frequently low-key with quiet tendencies. They like to play at times, but prefer to sleep. Origin: Latin. Meaning: “Day’s Eye,” also associated with the flower, which has a yellow center and white petals.

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Molly is a great dog name. Mollys come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are generally gentle and sweet-natured. Most dogs named Molly have pretty faces. They are also very trusting. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: “Wished-for child,” a variation of Mary.


Dogs named Chloe are often larger-breed dogs with very loving and loyal personalities. They aim to please and can be quite “care-free.” Origin: Greek. Meaning: “Young, green bud”


Sincere and sweet are two words often used to describe Sophies. They can be creative and like to play. They prefer the company of humans over other dogs. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Wisdom.


Dogs named Sadie are kind and sweet. Sadies are often intuitive and have penetrating eyes. When they look at you – you feel as though they know exactly what you’re thinking. People that meet dogs named Sadie often say, “What a Sweet Dog!” Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Princess.


Many dogs named Lily have a certain purity. Often a name given to white dogs, the name Lily is perfect for any dog with a pure heart. Origin: English. Meaning: From the name of the flower, which is a symbol of purity.


Dogs named Coco are often brown in color or small-breed dogs. They are loving and loyal to their owners, while also being spoiled and a bit fussy at times. Many dogs named Coco are described as “elegant.” Origin: French. Meaning: Brash.


Most dogs named Maggie are happy and mild-mannered. They prefer to be with their owners instead of on their own. They love to be loved and give TONS of love back in return. A lot of dogs named Maggie like to communicate with you, either through whines, barks, or with their eyes. Maggie is one of the most popular names for sweet dogs. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Pearl, derived from Margaret.


Dogs named Gracie are often graceful, agile, and sweet. They can be described as sincere and devoted companions, who are energetic and love to play. They often have an inner “wild” streak that occasionally peeks out. Origin: Latin. Meaning: Faithful.


Ginger is a common name given to dogs that are ginger in color, which is a blend of red and brown. Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, and Brittany Spaniels are commonly named Ginger. Most Gingers are sweet, although they can borderline on selfish and prefer to be in a single-dog household. They often have a “girl next door” appearance to strangers. Origin: Latin. Meaning: Spring-like, a flourishing or pungent spice.

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Dogs named Zoe are strong leaders. They can be quiet and thoughtful, but able to read your mind and know what you are thinking. They prefer your company over anything else. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Life.


The name “Princess” is often associated with smaller-breed dogs with a lot of charisma. At least they show charisma to their owners, since it isn’t obvious to their veterinarian and groomer. They like to look “pretty” and are often dressed in pink clothes, collars, or bandanas. Origin: English. Meaning: Royal Daughter.


Angel is a name often associated with a quiet, tranquil dog. They are thoughtful, loving, and very loyal, but may be suspicious of strangers and slow to warm up to new people. They are trustworthy friends and good at keeping secrets. Origin: English. Meaning: Angel or Messenger.


Lady is a wonderful dog name and often given to Cocker Spaniels due to the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. Dogs named Lady are generally smart and have very keen sense of hearing and smell. They are loyal to their owners, but often leery of strangers. Origin: Unknown. Meaning: Cagey, also a female title of nobility.


Dogs named Sasha often come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most Sashas are eager to please and very caring. They are also good listeners and love it when you talk to them. They like to go on walks and spend quiet time with their owner. Origin: Greek. Meaning: “Defending men,” helpmate.


Abby is a good dog name and associated with a happy, free-spirited dog. Abbys act like they’ve never met a stranger and seem to really love their lives. They have a fondness for treats. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: My Father’s Delight.


Many dogs named Roxy are completely spoiled. They are sweet dogs and loyal to their owners. Some even describe themselves as one-owner dogs, meaning they really set up loyalties to one person more than others. They are sweet and can be described as “adorable.” Origin: American English. Meaning: Sunny.


Dogs named Missy are sweet and often quiet. They can be described as “shy.” They are loving dogs and like to spend quiet time with their owners. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Soft-spoken.


Brandy is a wonderful dog name associated with smart independent dogs with big personalities and lots of spirit. Dogs named Brandy can be described as creative, as they will create their own games to play. They are generally sweet and loving, but can be shy to strangers. Origin: English. Meaning: Burning or burnt wine.

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Annie is a “girl next door” name given to many dogs with sweet, loving personalities. They can be funny and will do anything to make you smile. They love your companionship. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Grace or Favor.


Most dogs named Katie are just downright sweet. They are honest and seem to have a certain sense of sincerity about them, being motivated by affection more than anything else. They are smart and can be well trained if given the opportunity. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Pure.


Samantha is a name given to many different sizes and breeds. One common characteristic is that these dogs are smart and intuitive. They seem to know what you are thinking. Some Samanthas can be described as “bewitched.” Origin: English. Meaning: A listener, female variation on Samuel.


Casey is one of the human names that can be given to both girl and boy dogs. It is often used for watchdogs, as the meaning relates to dogs that are strong and watchful. They are generally smart dogs and very trustworthy. Origin: French. Meaning: Brave and watchful.


Many dogs named Rosie are cheery little dogs. Often, dogs named Rosie must fight to maintain an ideal body weight. They are sweet and loyal. Origin: American English. Meaning: Rose.


Many dogs named Misty can be described as thoughtful and quiet. They are often sincere, sweet-natured, and a little shy. It takes them time to warm up to strangers but once they do, they don’t forget them. They have a keen sense of hearing and smell. Origin: American English. Meaning: Unclear or covered with mist.


Dogs named Emma are often described as “old fashioned.” They are loyal, sweet, and seem to be sensible. Origin: German. Meaning: All Containing or Universal, one who heals the universe.


This is a great dog name and often given to dogs with sandy brown coloring. Most dogs named Sandy are good-natured and caring. They are often quiet and prefer to look in your eyes to communicate rather than bark. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Defending man, the helper of mankind.


Heidi is truly a classic dog name. Dogs named Heidi are often kind and can be described as “independent.” Commonly a name given to Dachshunds, this little dog name has a big personality. Most dogs named Heidi are loyal and sweet, but relatively low energy. They like to play, but prefer naptime over everything else. They also defiantly love their treats. Origin: German. Meaning: Noble or Kind.

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Choosing the Right Name for Your Dog

There are lots of ways to pick a cute girl name for your dog. Some dog owners get name inspiration from TV shows or movies (a couple of the most popular being Star Wars and Game of Thrones), human baby names, online articles, novels likeThe Great Gatsby, popular culture, a friend, and even trends that develop during the year.

As you choose a name for your pup, it is important to pick a name that matches your dog’s personality and follows some basic naming rules. Get more ideas for naming your dog here.

The following guidelines can help you choose the best name for your dog:

  • Consider shorter names that are easy to say. Practice calling your dog using that name and see how easy (or hard) it rolls off the tongue.
  • Names with one or two syllables and a strong vowel sound are not only easier to say, but they can be simpler for your dog to understand.
  • Avoid names that sound like a command, such as come, sit, or stay.
  • Choose a name that is distinctly different from other pets in your household. Avoid rhyming names, such as Pooky and Spooky, as this can be confusing for dogs.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

As you bring your new puppy home, it is important to consider his or her safety. Here are some tips from our experts to keep your puppy safe:

  • Tag. Ensure your new dog has a collar and tag that includes their and your cell phone number. This can help reunite you with your dog immediately in the case they get out or loose.
  • Microchip. Ensure your dog has a microchip. Some dogs will lose their collars and a microchip will be your best chance to reunite with them. This is how having a microchip works. If a stray dog is found and taken to a vet clinic or shelter, they will scan the dog for a microchip and, if found, record its unique number. They will then call the microchip company with that number and acquire your contact information. Always ensure that your contact information is up to date with the microchip company.
  • Choose durable toys. Some toys can be chewed up and ingested, leading to life-threatening obstructions in the stomach or intestines. Buy toys that match your dog’s chewing aggression and size.
  • Train. Another way to keep your pooch safe is to ensure they are trained for basic commands, such as come, sit, and stay. You can use kibbles of a high-quality food as a treat to reward good behavior. Having a dog that will come when commanded can be life-saving. It is important for all family members and anyone who routinely handles your dog to be consistent and involved.

Pet insurance can be a safety net for you and your pet,
helping your pet care budget go further.

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What is a good name for a girl dog 2022? ›

Coco, Hershey, Mocha, Brownie, Cinnamon, Honey and Oreo are also names that describe a dog's appearance – with an added pinch of sweetness! If you like the idea of a sugary name to match your girl's sweet personality, you could also choose Candy, Cookie, Muffin, Snickers or Twinkie.

What female dog name means strong? ›

Female Dog Names Meaning Strong
1Briana Celtic name meaning “strong”
1Valentina Latin name meaning “strong, healthy”
1Tilda German name meaning “strong in battle”
1Millie Diminutive of “Millicent”, which means “strong in work”
26 more rows
18 Apr 2018

What female dog name means loyal? ›

Female Dog Names That Mean Loyal and Faithful

Leala—French, means loyal. Leya—Spanish, means faithful; also the name of the loyal, faithful and strong Star Wars princess. Mimi—French, means faithful guardian. Nakia—Arabic, means faithful.

What is a powerful name for a dog? ›

Unique Strong Dog Names
Intimidating Tough Dog Names
2 more rows
31 Aug 2022

What is a unique female name? ›

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.
  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. ...
  • Charmaine. ...
  • Constance. ...
  • Geneviève. ...
  • Larisa. ...
  • Lorelei. ...
  • Lucinda.
10 Feb 2022

What is the number 1 dog name? ›

The top ten list, in order by popularity for both male and female dogs combined, is: 1)“Bella” followed by; 2) “Luna;” 3) “Charlie;” 4) “Lucy;” 5) “Cooper;” 6) “Max;” 7) “Bailey;” 8) “Daisy;” 9) “Sadie,” and; 10) “Lola.”

Is luxury a girl name? ›

The name Luxury is both a boy's name and a girl's name meaning "extravagance, opulence".

What dog name means loyal? ›

Amnon: Hebrew, translates to “faithful” Fido: Latin, translates to “loyal” Amin: Arabic, translates to “trustworthy” Fidel: Latin, translates to “loyal”

What dog name means queen? ›

Female Dog Names Meaning Queen
0Isabella A highly popular name for a queen, including France, England and Cyprus
0Margrethe After Margrethe II, the current Queen of Denmark
0Eleanor After Eleanor of Aquitaine, duchess of Aquitaine
0Rania After Queen Rania of Jordan, the current consort
26 more rows
11 Dec 2018

What dog name means blessing? ›

Barak – this name means 'blessing. ' Benedict – from Latin, meaning 'blessed.

What dog name means love? ›

Kama: Sanskrit, translates to “love” Sajan: Hindi, translates to “beloved” Kiefer: Gaelic, translates to “beloved” Luthando: Zulu, translates to “love”

What names mean trust? ›

Baby Boy Names That Mean Faith
  • Amil. The name has its origin from Arabic or Sanskrit. ...
  • Amin. The name has Arabic and Persian origin, and it means “faithful and trustworthy” and also “truthful”. ...
  • Armaan. Its a name of Arabic and Indian origin. ...
  • Barloc. The name has an American and Celtic origin. ...
  • Caleb. ...
  • Chislon. ...
  • Constant. ...
  • Day.

What name means loyal and faithful? ›

Abisai Abisai is a Hebrew boy's name. It stands for loyalty and also means a faithful warrior or a gift from God. BellamyBellamy has Irish and English roots but became more popular as parents found the name on the television show the 100.

What is the #1 dog name 2022? ›

Luna is most popular dog name of 2022, per study

Trupanion, a medical insurance company for pets, released its lists of this year's most popular dog names and breeds ahead of the holiday.

What is a cute puppy name? ›

100 most popular puppy names
  • 50 popular girl puppy names: Luna. Bella. Daisy. Lucy. Bailey. Coco. Lola. Nala. Sadie. Stella. Penny. Molly. Maggie. Rosie. Zoey. Ruby. Lily. Nova. Ellie. Chloe. Pepper. ...
  • 50 popular boy puppy names: Charlie. Max. Milo. Cooper. Rocky. Buddy. Bear. Teddy. Harley. Duke. Zeus. Blue. Jack. Loki. Leo. Oliver. Tucker. Koda. Toby. Bentley.
18 Dec 2020

What dog name means happiness? ›

Leti: short for Leticia, meaning happy. Gila: of Hebrew origin, means joy. Meave: of Irish origin, means happy. Leda or Leyda: of Greek origin, means happy.

What is a brave dog name? ›

Male Brave Dog Names
3Bernard German name meaning “brave as a bear”
3Harte English name meaning “brave, strong”
2Courage Means “bravery” or “valor”
2Kuno German name meaning “brave and gallant”
26 more rows
12 Apr 2018

What is a god name for a dog? ›

Roman God Names for Dogs
  • Apollo.
  • Ceres.
  • Cupid.
  • Diana.
  • Janus.
  • Juno.
  • Jupiter.
  • Mars.
8 Oct 2021

What is a cool goddess name? ›

Inanna (Sumerian) - goddess of love, war, and fertility. Iris (Greek) - goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods. Irene (Greek) - goddess of peace. Isis (Egyptian) - goddess of life and magic.

What is the luckiest girl name? ›

The Most Popular Lucky Baby Names for Girls
  • Iris - meaning 'rainbow', symbolising luck.
  • Evangeline - 'Bearer of good news' in Greek.
  • Beatrice - Latin meaning of 'she who brings happiness; blessed'
  • Jadie - stone transmitting wisdom and clarity.
  • Kiara - 'bright/light' in Italian.
  • Felicity - 'luck/good fortune' in Latin.
10 Jun 2022

What is a royal female name? ›

Diana, Elizabeth, Eugine, and Mary are some famous yet common royal names for girls.

What is a legendary name for a girl? ›

Names from mythology for Girls
AphroditeAncient Greekgoddess of love and beauty
AstarteEgyptiangod of the love, fertility and war
AtalantaGreeka mythological fast-footed maiden
AthenaAncient Greekgoddess of wisdom, war and guardian of Athens
66 more rows
20 Mar 2007

What is a cute pet name? ›

Some Cute Pet Names for Your Consideration
Good and PlentyJaffaKit Kat
33 more rows

What is a smart girl name? ›

Along with Sophia, other girl names with smart meanings in the US Top 1000 include Athena, Phoebe, Ramona, Sage, plus Sofia and Sophie. For boys, one of the top names internationally meaning intelligence or wisdom is Hugo.

What is a female name for love? ›

Along with Esme and Amara, other top girl names that mean love include Mila, Amy, Amanda, Mabel, and Philippa.

What dog name means gift? ›

Male Dog Names Meaning Gift of God
7Zane Variant of John meaning gift from God
6Celdic Gift of splendor
6Ivaan Hindu for born ruler; one who is gracious
5Zeb Short for Zebadiah meaning gift of God
26 more rows
25 Jan 2018

What is a good name for a smart dog? ›

Male Dog Names that Mean Intelligent
4Haziq A Muslim name meaning skillful and intelligent
4Higgins A name from Ireland that means intelligent
4Matalino The Filipino word for clever
4Zeki A name from Turkey meaning intelligent
26 more rows
15 Jan 2018

What dog name means faith? ›

Female Dog Names Meaning Faithful
2Ivy English name meaning "faithfulness"
2Faith Means "complete trust or confidence" in someone
2Mimi Means "faithful guard" in French
1Helga Scandinavian name meaning "faithful"
26 more rows
16 Mar 2018

What dog name means hope? ›

Female Dog Names Meaning Hope
3Hope A common female name
2Natia Polish for hope
2Nassandra African for hope
2Amari Refers to being hopeful
26 more rows
7 Sept 2018

What dog name means angel? ›

Male Dog Names Meaning Angel
1Evangelos A Greek name that means good messenger or good angel
1Fravashi A Zoroastrian name for a guardian angel
1Gotzon A Basque name meaning messenger or angel
1Ingel The Estonian word meaning angel
26 more rows
16 Feb 2018

What are the best dog names 2022? ›

Top 10 most popular dog names in 2022
  • Bella.
  • Ruby.
  • Max.
  • Luna.
  • Molly.
  • Buddy.
  • Daisy.
  • Frankie.
28 Aug 2022

What is the most famous dog in 2022? ›

If you're curious to know what the most popular breed of dog is, you're in the right place!
1. Labrador Retriever.
Life expectancy10-12 years
Height21.5-24.5 inches
Weight55-80 pounds
TemperamentEnergetic and friendly
13 Oct 2022

What's the best dog breed of 2022? ›

Top 10 most popular dog breeds for 2022
  1. Labrador retriever.
  2. Goldendoodle.
  3. Golden retriever.
  4. French bulldog.
  5. Labradoodle.
  6. German shepherd.
  7. Shih Tzu.
  8. Chihuahua.
22 Aug 2022

What is a creative name for a dog? ›

Food-Inspired Creative Dog Names
14 more rows
1 Apr 2022

What is the most famous dog name? ›

A new study has determined that “Luna” is the most popular name for dogs in a whopping 35 states. Nationally — and not surprisingly — Luna was also the most common name for dogs in general, followed by Bella, Max, Cooper and Daisy, according to the findings.

What is a good pet name? ›

Some Cute Pet Names for Your Consideration
ScrappySanta PawsJuniper
007 and a HalfDirty MaryLodi
33 more rows

What are the top 20 smartest dog? ›

  • Border collie. According to The Intelligence of Dogs, which ranks 131 dog breeds in terms of their relative intelligence, the border collie is the smartest dog breed known to man. ...
  • Poodle. ...
  • German shepherd. ...
  • Golden retriever. ...
  • Doberman pinscher. ...
  • Shetland sheepdog. ...
  • Labrador retriever. ...
  • Papillon.
7 Oct 2022

Which is the No 1 friendly dog? ›

1. Golden Retriever. It's safe to say that this breed is one of the most personable around. Golden Retrievers are always eager to please and have a calm temperament, which means they will be happy to socialise with everyone – even with other pets!

What is the most expensive dog? ›

The Tibetan mastiff is the most expensive dog in the world. The breed stands at at least 26 inches shoulder height and typically weighs more than 100 lbs. Known to sell for at least $7,000 per puppy, a Chinese businessman made headlines when he bought a 1-year-old Tibetan mastiff for $1.9 million.

What dog sells the most? ›

Check out this list of the most profitable dog breeds to sell.
  • French Bulldog. The French Bulldog has appreciated a long history as a companion canine. ...
  • Siberian Husky. ...
  • German Shepherd. ...
  • Golden Retriever. ...
  • Labrador Retriever. ...
  • Rottweiler. ...
  • Tibetan Mastiff. ...
  • Samoyed.
22 Sept 2021


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