My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (2022)

Today I’m sharing my experience and review on getting microblading done here in Toronto!

Microblading is something I’ve been wanting to get done for a little while, and I finally got my eyebrows microbladed almost 2 weeks ago.

I’ll be reviewing what it was like getting my eyebrows microbladed and what I think of the final aftermath of my brows.

Microblading is different for everyone as everyone’s skin is different, and this is just how my microblading experience was like.

It likely won’t be the same experience for you, but hopefully this will give you some insight on what it’s like to get your eyebrows microbladed here in Toronto!

Without further ado, here’s my review all about my microblading experience in Toronto!

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Review of my microblading experience in Toronto

My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (1)

What to know about microblading

What is microblading?

For those of you who don’t know exactly what microblading is, it’s a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where hair-like strokes are drawn on to mimic real hairs.

It’s essentially eyebrow tattooing, except it’s semi-permanent and a lot less painful than an actual tattoo.

At least if the numbing cream works on your skin, because it doesn’t for everyone – in which case it will be painful.

While microblading is most commonly used for the brows, it can also be done along the hairline above your forehead.

If done well, microblading looks really natural!

However, if you want a softer, more powdery look, microshading might be something you’re looking for instead.

What’s the difference between microblading vs. microshading?

For microshading, instead of drawing on little hairs, they draw on little dots to create a gradient on your brows.

It creates more of a makeup effect, if that’s what you’re looking for.

You can also do a combination between microblading and microshading!

Microblading can last anywhere from two to three years if you do regular touchups and take care of it.

Microshading can typically last longer, at around four years.

Since microblading does fade quicker than microshading, touchups need to be done sooner and more often if you choose to get your brows microbladed.

How does the microblading process work?

Microblading is done using a little handheld tool with multiple blades.

My brow artist described it as giving mini paper cuts.

She drew on shapes of what my brows would look like, and started the actual microblading process once I was happy with it, after applying numbing cream.

At first it stung like crazy, but halfway through she put more numbing cream on, and I didn’t feel a thing afterwards.

Although I couldn’t feel the pain, I could still hear the scraping, which sounded a little gross tbh.

My whole microblading appointment took under 2 hours, but the microblading process itself was actually only around a half hour.

Most of the appointment was the artist giving me the rundown of what she’d be doing, putting numbing cream on my brows, and giving me papers to sign and read over.

Do you need to touch up for microblading?

After your microbladed eyebrows heal, they will fade a little bit.

The touchup appointment is for fixing up any areas that might need to be touched up and to get them looking exactly how you want them.

Don’t stall on booking your touchup appointment!

Your microblading artist might get booked up by the time you’re due for a session, and you’ll have to pay extra fees for your touchup.

Most artists include free touchups in their pricing, but if you don’t do it soon enough, your brows will fade more and they’ll charge you for the touchup!

This happened to me, so I didn’t end up getting any touchups at all.

My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (2)

How do you find a good microblading artist in Toronto?

Be sure to do your research when searching for microblading artists.

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure on your face that you really don’t want to mess around with.

While microblading isn’t permanent, it’s still something you’re going to have on your face for at least a year or more.

It’s not something you want to cheap out on or get done just anywhere!

Go on Instagram and look at as many before and after photos before picking the artist you want to book with!

Many microblading artists feature their work on their Instagram profiles, and not all of them do the same work.

You’ll probably like the work of one artist over another’s, so it’s better to find one with a style you like.

I did a ton of research before I finally picked where I wanted to get my brows done here in Toronto.

Microblading artists in Toronto

The price of microblading varies in Toronto depending on the experience level of the artist and whether they have an office or home studio.

You can get your eyebrows microbladed for around $300 with a less experienced artist and pay around $700 for a more popular and experienced artist.

Personally, I get almost all of my recommendations (beauty, restaurants, travel, etc.) on Instagram, and that’s exactly where I searched for a Toronto brow technician.

I looked under hashtags like #torontomicroblading, and I ended up booking an appointment with a local Toronto microblading artist.

I actually followed her for a few months before I was brave enough to book an appointment!

There are tons of eyebrow microblading artists in Toronto, and here are a few I think are excellent, based on what I’ve seen on Instagram:

  • Hayley from Mini Brow (my sister got her brows microbladed from her)
  • Phybe from Beauty by Phybe (she’s actually Mississauga/Oakville based)
My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (3)

My microblading experience: the healing process

How long does it take for microbladed brows to heal?

During the microblading healing process, your new brows scab and peel off, just like a brand new tattoo.

The microblading healing process can take anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks, but the average is 7 to 10 days.

My microbladed eyebrows took 10 days to heal, and I had to wear a hat everyday because the scabbing looked so gruesome!

I would recommend getting your brows done during a time when you’re not busy.

Your eyebrows will become scabby, patchy, terrifying-looking caterpillars, so don’t plan on getting them the week before a fancy gala or anything.

You’ll probably be living in baseball caps if you go anywhere, because they ain’t pretty when they’re healing.

They’ll also be super itchy, so you won’t want to go out anywhere anyways.

Luckily my office is casual, because I went to work every single day wearing a baseball cap.

My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (4)
My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (5)

What do the day by day healing stages of microblading look like?

Below are all the microblading healing stages day by day, from the day after I got my brows done to the day before all the scabs fell off.

My microbladed eyebrows got super dark until day 2 (my family said I looked like a character from Angry Birds), and started peeling on day 5.

Most of the scabs had peeled by day 9.

By day 10, the scabs were completely gone.

I didn’t go to the gym until they were all healed because I was afraid they wouldn’t heal properly.

I was also super careful not to get my brows wet whenever I washed my face.

Is microblading your eyebrows worth the cost?

I’m very happy with the final results of my microblading experience.

I feel so much more confident and put together even when I’m not wearing any makeup!

It makes it a lot quicker to get ready in the morning.

And, it’s great for getting ready quicker while traveling!

I would say that microblading is definitely worth it, but find somewhere that’s both good and costs a decent price.

My Toronto microblading artist definitely overcharged (I paid $700 plus tax lol), and you can find just as talented artists who charge a lot lower prices.

Just be sure to do your research!

My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (7)

One year microblading update

Hi, it’s me a year and a half later popping in.

My microbladed eyebrows have started to fade, but they still look decent.

I reckon they’ll need to be redone in another few months.

In the meantime, I still don’t feel the need to wear any products on my brows.

I never got my first touchup done, and my brows probably would’ve lasted even longer if I had.

So that was my review of my microblading experience in Toronto!

Microblading can be a pricy procedure, but it’s well worth it if you spend a lot of time doing your eyebrows every single day.

If you guys have any questions about my microblading review and experience in Toronto, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

Have you guys gotten your eyebrows microbladed before? Would you be willing to try it? Let me know on Twitter or Instagram!

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My Microblading Experience (+ Day by Day Healing Photos) (8)
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