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Gender equality is when everyone no matter what gender has equal rights, equal opportunities, equal job opportunities, and equal responsibilities. Women have been deprived of gender equality for centuries but now the world is moving against this gender inequality by working towards women empowerment. Different NGOs, international human rights firms, and women’s rights movements are working day and night to ensure that women all around be considered equal to men. The international organizations are empowering women so that the world can realize equality between men and women all around the world. In this essay, we will present arguments against gender discrimination and in favor of equal rights for both men and women all around the world.

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Gender Equality Essay for Primary, Secondary, and Highschool Students

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Modern philosophers and feminists argue that both Men and Women have the same intrinsic value. The basic moral perception is that all the people around the world have equal rights no matter their caste, color, creed, religion, or gender. Research shows that men and women excel at different roles and things but there is still no difference in the working power or capacity of their brains. This same working capacity of the brain in both men and women shows that both these genders have an equal chance to be valuable to society. In this argumentative essay, we will present arguments to convince you that men and women are equal and there should exist any gender inequality between the two.

Importance of Gender Equality

A nation cannot progress if men and women are not treated with equality. Equal opportunity in every aspect of life can help close this gender gap between men and women. Men and women are created equal and therefore both of them should be entitled to the same rights because this is very important.

Equality between both genders leads to better businesses and overall towards a better economic condition in the country. Women empowerment also results in better healthcare facilities along with better children care. Equality is also important because it encourages legal protection against economic and domestic violence.

Another important factor of gender equality is that it leads to racial equality. Black women today face very less or no gender discrimination in America in comparison with what it used to be in the past. Equality between the two genders also leads to reduce poverty as women can earn more they also become an integral part of society. This also improves the overall economic condition of the society and the country.

Meaning of Gender Equality

Gender equality means that both men and women get the same opportunities and power to pursue equal opportunities. It means that both these genders should be allowed to avail equality in education, personal development, and career opportunities. Gender equality also means equal worth, decision power, and control for both men and women.

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How is Gender Equality Measured?

To determine and measure gender equality it is important to look at the following states to correctly observe the freedom of women in that country.

i. Gender-Related Development Index (GDI)

GDI is used for measuring the Human Development Index in a country. GDI considers the number of male and female students enrolled in college, schools, and universities. It also considers the life expectancy of men and women along with the incomes of both men and women.

ii. Gender Empowerment Measure (GEM)

Gender empowerment is measured by taking into account the political empowerment of both men and women along with the comparison of wages between male and female employees.

iii. Gender Equity Index (GEI)

Gender Equality Index depends on three things; education, economic participation, and empowerment of each gender. If there is any gender inequality between both genders in a country or a society then this Indexing parameter is quick to find it.

iv. Global Gender Gap Index

In yea 2016 The World Economic Forum introduced this index to measure equality or inequality between the two genders. The global gender gap index depends on four key areas to calculate equality. These four areas are education, economic participation, political empowerment, educational attainment, and health and survival.

Based on these four modern gender equality measurement procedures now we can easily access if a country or a society is treating both genders with equality or not.

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Benefits of Gender Equality

Gender equality has many benefits, the most significant of those benefits include:

Equality Helps Build a Nation

When a society today reaches gender equality it means that both men and women enjoy the same privileges and opportunities in every sector. When both these genders are treated equally it adds great value to the overall society and the nation. Gender equality boosts mental growth, provides better learning opportunities, and adds great value to every profession. It also helps in the advancement of society and creates a balance of opportunities.

Share The Burden of Command

There was a time when only men were responsible for earning the bread and butter for the family. This was the time when it was not safe for women to go out and work. Now things have changed and many societies are providing a safe working environment for women. Women can now share the burden of earning a livelihood for the family. Men are no longer alone in their hunt for food and wealth as many women with active roles in big companies can provide for their families.

Prevents Violence Against Women

Gender discrimination is the root cause of all types of violence against women. Gender equality can help deal with all types of violence against women especially domestic violence. Many women’s rights movement has been established that are working to protect women against violence.

The best and only way to eliminate all kinds of violence against women is to promote gender equality between the two genders.

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It’s Good For The Economy

It is estimated that countries with little or no difference between male and female gender have better economic conditions. Even the entire nation is paying a price every day for not promoting gender equality. According to research big companies with women in top leadership roles are more profitable as compared o men on top. According to research, it was observed that Australia’s GDP would increase by 11% if the gap in job opportunities was closed.

All these facts and figures are proof that promoting women in leadership roles is always a good choice. Offering women equal opportunities for jobs can prove to be beneficial for the economy.

In conclusion, despite the cultural differences and the geographical differences between countries with good and bad gender equality ratios, it’s time we all stand up for equal rights for both genders. All human beings are created equal and it is not just to treat one gender as superior over the other.

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FAQ About Equality Between Men and Women

In which parts of the world the gender inequality index is still high?

Women face gender discrimination in many parts of the world including the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and the Sub-Saharan Africa region.

What are some significant changes that are brought about by gender equality?

Gender equality has seen amazing transformations in women’s lives. World today is more open to women leading economic activities and are taking up leadership roles. In today’s society, even the military is offering full-time careers to women.

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What does equality between women and men mean?

Equality between men and women means that both of them are provided with equal opportunities in education, economic participation, political empowerment, educational attainment, and health and survival.


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