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Large Format Posters for Business

As a business, you are constantly trying to stand out everyday. An easy way for your consumers to notice your company, your brand, and your products and services is with traditional Large Format Posters custom printed to your specs and needs. Effectively convey a message to your consumers about the products you offer and the type of business you are with time tested Large Format Posters that stand the test of time, distance and size.

Go as big as you want and leverage our multiple paper types, printing formats and vibrant -impossible to miss- inks and let your voice be the loudest one around.

  • 10 available paper types including 13oz. scrim vinyl which can be used perfectly indoors or outdoors in moderate or low wind environments.

  • Make sure to check out or newest addition of Weatherproof Poster Paper! This 7mil polypropylene has a semi-gloss. smooth opaque surface and it is perfect for any indoor or outdoor use application. It is tear resistant and waterproof and a great addition to our growing family of large format papers.

Within Large Format Posters that are meant to advertise you as a company, it is recommended that you choose a font size that would be large enough to be seen by an average passer-by. Furthermore, by employing colors onto your Large Format Posters you can increase the number of people that are interested in what you have to say.

It is a proven fact that colors are more attractive than plain monochromatic posters, however if you play with the right composition a black and white poster can be extremely powerful in the middle of a colorful part of town. offers Large Format Posters with great imaging at reasonable prices. With’s production process your Large Format Posters will contain great images brightly and neatly rendered, crisp texts and overall brilliant colors. offers two types of materials for your posters: hi gloss and semi gloss. When you choose the material for your Large Format Posters be sure that you contemplate the location in which it is going to be displayed. If the location is going to receive direct light or sunlight, it is not recommended for you to choose a hi gloss material since it will glare. However, if it is indoors, a hi gloss will display glossier finishes and therefore, brighter colors.

To get your Large Format Posters simply upload your design, and after you have approved your free online proof you will shortly receive your order at the location of your convenience. Use the instant price calculator to the right to get a clear idea of your order and go from there. If you have any questions please call or live chat with one of our agents, we will be glad to help you get picture-perfect prints that leave you and your audience satisfied.

Available Paper Types:

  • 10mil Semi Gloss
  • 10mil Hi Gloss
  • 32# Bright White Uncoated
  • Semi Gloss Canvas
  • Gloss Canvas
  • 13oz. Smooth Blockout Vinyl
  • White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (permanent)
  • White Adhesive Backed Vinyl (removable)
  • 10 mil Backlit Film
  • 7mil Polypropylene - Weatherproof
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  • Happy

    "I was honestly not sure what to expect about making this order as much as I had used 4over4 for business cards I didn't know how the posters would turn out. The online ordering was smooth and I only needed to make a few changes to my design when I saw the online proof. My package arrived even before time and I was so happy when I opened the box. They looked even better than the online proof, no cut-off design. I was so proud to hang them up and promote our charity fashion show. Thanks, guys!"


    Andrea Nov 11 2019

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  • Very nice

    "I ordered 300 large format poster from 4over4 and I am very pleased with the resulting product. The online ordering process is easy to follow. There is a good variety of paper types and finishes to choose from.The customer support team was on hand to answer all my questions and even gave me tips to improve my design.They are attractive, the paper stock is firm and the overall impression is professional. A very nice product."


    Teresa Oct 30 2019

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  • Good

    "From start to finish the whole process was smooth and hassle-free. I was able to place my order, upload my design and shortly after approve the online proof. The posters are really good"


    Doris Nov 06 2019

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Grab Attention with Large Format Posters

large format posters (20)

After painstakingly designing an amazing brand logo and creating the ideal slogan, you cannot afford to play safe. You’ve got to go big! Well, we have an idea. Look to Large Format Posters, and look to us to get you exactly what you had in mind. With 2 decades of experience providing excellence in quality printing, fast service and delivery time, we’ve helped businesses just like yours make a great impression.

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