HOKA Bondi 7 Women's Shoes Blue Fog/Blue Glass (2022)

Comments: For someone that stands on my feet all day at the hospital, this is an excellent shoe. Love them!
From: Anonymous. February 5th, 2022

Comments: I have just begun a job where I stand all day. I was having a lot of foot and heel pain. My husband, a physical therapist, recommended I purchase shoes from Hoka. These are fantastic! They have a heel wedging that helps keep the fat part of your heel under your heel bone, so I have no heel pain! My employer also did add anti-stress mats On the floor, so between the mats and my new shoes, I am very comfortable! I highly recommend these shoes if you are standing or walking and standing for hours at a time. These shoes are quite wide in the toe box, comparably so with Keens, so I did not have to size up a half size. There is also nice height in the toe, so no cramping of space at the toe tips. My undying gratitude to Hoka!
From: Lisa. Eastsound, Wa February 5th, 2022

Comments: I love the Hoka brand. Unfortunately, the most recent purchase did not fit.
From: Sharon. North Port, Fl February 4th, 2022

Comments: These shoes were recommended by my podiatrist. They really help with my heel pain. I now have three pairs of these shoes that I switch off with.
From: Anonymous. February 2nd, 2022

Comments: I received these tennis shoes as a gift from my daughter for Christmas. She loves hers and thought I would as well. I walk a 1 1/2 miles in my neighborhood about five days a week. These shoes are so comfortable while walking. Most days I wear them after my walk while working in the house or heading to the grocery. Great shoes and I highly recommend them!!!
From: Sharon. Mobile, AL February 1st, 2022

Comments: These were the first shoes I ever bought online. Because of 'supply chain' issues I could not find any store in Manhattan that carried the Bondi 7 in the size it seemed I wore... 8W. Because I have serious foot issues and it was critical for my own PT and my walking and my work as a mind/body therapist that I have the exact shoes that I needed. I ordered the Bondi 7 in the size I thought correct, derived from a running store that didn't have full stock. The size I ordered turned out to be too big, and RW did not have a 1/2 size smaller, but they exchanged my Bondi 7 for a 2nd pair for my husband in another color. We are both addicted to Bondi 7's and they have changed our lives. I was able to track down the 1 pair in Manhattan(!) in my size. They are also a gem to be supported. I can't wait till HOKA is able to produce more shoes and RW has more of a supply in my size in a different color. Dealing with RW was the best online experience I have had. I did change the innersole of my Bondi 7's and now they are perfect. Thank you RW! I will make many referrals.
From: Johanna. NYC January 30th, 2022

Comments: I am a custodian and I'm on my feet all day. And I have worn Brooks or Saucony for years. My sister-in-law had just bought your shoe and let me try them on. I ordered on line and every since then, I wear them everyday. I no longer have lower back pain, hip pain, nor knee pain. I LOVE them
From: Tina. Girard Ohio January 23rd 2022

Comments: I used to love HOKA's, however, the cushion of Women Bondi's 7 is HARD and not comfortable. The shoe also runs small. I wear an 8.5 but my big toe was hitting the top of the shoe and a 9 would have fit better. The website needs to make people aware of this fact!
From: Anonymous. January 21st, 2022

Comments: Running Warehouse is awesome. 4 pair of Bondis for my wife. She loves them.
From: Nellie. MS January 3rd 2022

Comments: Bought these as a gift for my daughter who is a dental assistant. She is on her feet all day. She loves the shoes and says they are making her back and legs feel so much better since she started wearing these shoes.
From: Kelley. Mount Juliet, TN January 2nd 2022

Comments: I have been running for over a decade but lately developed plantar fasciitis. My feet would start cramping during my runs as well. I can run again without pain or cramping since I started using these shoes, so happy to be running again!
From: Anonymous. January 1st 2022

Comments: Show is great up to hoka standards however it is NOT black. Clashes with black clothing. Has deep blue tone. Not as expected.
From: Anonymous. December 31st 2021

Comments: I love my Bondi's. They are the most comfortable shoe I have found for my plantar fasciitis.
From: Anonymous. December 17th 2021

Comments: I sent these back since the arch support on the right shoe felt like it was cutting into my foot. I have had these shoes before with no problem so could be a manufacturing problem.
From: Anonymous. December 3rd, 2021

Comments: These are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had. The insoles cause pain in my foot every day. I hate them. The Bondi 6 were always comfortable but whatever was done to the 7 need to be changed back! I haven't had a comfortable pair since the 6 was out of stock.
From: Susan. Remington, IN USA November 27th, 2021

Comments: I am an ultra runner and really enjoy the cushion of the Hoka Bondi has to offer on the long run. The sneakers have never disappointed me.
From: Anonymous. November 18th, 2021

Comments: I have issues with my feet ( torn metatarsal ligaments in both feet) & a job that requires me to be on my feet for most of the day. I have tried many brands over many years, none of which have even come close to these! Love them so much, I'm going back to buy another pair so I can rotate them!
From: Terry. November 17th, 2021

Comments: My daughter who is a physical therapist recommended this brand of shoe specifically. She owns them, my other daughter owns them, I own them oh, and I just bought them for my parents. We all love them. They are super comfortable.
From: Anonymous. Wyoming November 14th, 2021

Comments: I was very satisfied with Running Warehouse. I love my Hoka shoes and I got them within a few days of ordering them. My favorite pair was the Bondi 7. I have trouble with Planter Fasciitis and the Hoka shoes have been wonderful for my feet. I am a Registered Nurse and I work twelve-hour shifts on a Med-Surg floor. I have to have shoes that are very comfortable and very supportive. I highly recommend the Hoka shoes.
From: Angela. Jacksboro TN November 12th, 2021

Comments: Absolutely love them. Must cushiony sneakers ever. I just wish I would have gotten a wide or 1/2 size bigger!
From: Anonymous. November 10th, 2021

Comments: These are great shoes. I'm in my feet walking all day and they're the only brand of shoes I wear for my long shifts
From: Jaime. October 27th, 2021

Comments: I am a nurse and workout on a regular basis, so I'm on my feet a lot and I love the comfort that these shoes provide. It's like walking on air!! I own the Bondi version and while they are a fabulous shoe for running or being on your feet a lot, they aren't the best shoe for my CrossFit workout. The reason is they have a larger base and don't conform to my foot so jumping and moving my feet quickly during cross fit workout require a less boxy shoe. However, it's my understanding the Bondi is Hooka's most cushion so if I tried another line it might work. Shoes run true to size, I was told to order one size up and they were too big so I did an exchange and they fit correctly.
From: Anonymous. October 25th, 2021

Comments: I love my Bondi, great support and the cushion on the heel is phenomenal like you're walking with a spring. True to size and wide room for my toes.
From: Anonymous. October 18th, 2021

Comments: I am a dental hygienist and am up and down on my feet all day. I purchased the Bondi 7 style and absolutely LOVE them! My feet feel so much better, I will be planning on purchasing another pair of Hokas in the future.
From: Shelly. Crestview, Fl October 17th, 2021

Comments: I recently discovered the Bondi 7, after doing a search online. I've torn the metatarsal ligaments in both my feet & walking is very painful when not in the correct shoe. I received my order relatively quickly but discovered for my personal comfort that I needed to return them for a wide. It did unfortunately take a bit longer to get them back to me, but I must say that it's probably the best shoe ( and there's been many) that I have ever worn. Since I have to wear them everyday all day, I hope they will hold up. It's the plan to get another pair, so I can switch them out as soon as I can afford it. Not sure I'll be able to ever wear anything else after these! :)
From: Terry . S.C. October 11th 2021

Comments: Love it, i have hard time doing jumping jack in Zumba class but with this shoe, I feel like bouncing on trampoline.
From: Moonie . October 11th 2021

Comments: Love, Love, Love my Hoka Bondi! Have been wearing them and only them for 3 years. I am a nurse and they have greatly improved my neuropathy in my feet. I have told all my friends and co-workers about these shoes
From: Joy. Greeneville,Tn October 11th 2021

Comments: These run large. I've been wearing a 9 had to exchange for 8.5 then still too large. I have very skinny feet and these just don't work for me. If you are looking for a roomy shoe this could be for you.
From: Anonymous. October 10th 2021

Comments: I've worn Hoka shoes for several years. As an older runner, the superb cushioning in the Hoka Bondi 7 allows me to keep going with fewer aches and pains. For me, there is no break-in period. I just lace up a new pair and they're good to go!
From: Kathleen. WY October 1st 2021

Comments: Very quick delivery! Could not be happier with this quality site. This is our second flawless purchase. Will definitely come here again.
From: Anonymous. October 3rd 2021

Comments: I love these. As soon as I put them on you could feel the quality of the shoe. When I walked in it, it feels like you are walking on a pillow. Great shoe! I am so happy!
From: Rosanne. Ransom, PA September 30th 2021

Comments: I love these. As soon as I put them on you could feel the quality of the shoe. When I walked in it, it feels like you are walking on a pillow. Great shoe! I am so happy!
From: Rosanne. Ransom, PA September 30th 2021

Comments: This is my second pair of hoka bondi's. I bought them because I have plantar fasciitis, which is much better since I have started wearing the Hokas. I did wear a hole where my big toe hits the upper mesh, but I have worn them almost daily for an entire year. My second pair is just as comfortable as the first and I hope to get another full year out of them. I highly recommend them.
From: Holli. Bastrop, TX September 24th 2021

Comments: Amazing shoes. I am a complete convert to HOKA.
From: Michele. Charlton, NY September 23rd 2021

Comments: Running Warehouse is my go-to for all of my running shoes.They are always prompt with shipping and deliver exactly what was ordered. The description is spot on too. I also like that if something doesn't fit just right, they have a very easy return policy.Great company - highly recommend!

From: Juliana. Westminster, MA. September 7th, 2021

Ordered Hoka Bondi 7 in Blue/Black for my wife. She has found the shoes to be very comfortable and states that the shoes are very well made and wonderfully cushioned.

From: Anonymous. September 6th, 2021

Excellent shoe in wear, comfort, and design!

From: Anonymous. September 4th, 2021

No break-in required. Excellent comfort day one! Not just for running, also great for long days standing. Worth every penny.

From: Jennifer. August 15th, 2021

I love this shoe!!! I can easily get 500 miles on these!!! Great comfort AND they have totally cured my plantar fascitis...

From: Brenda. OH. August 11th, 2021

I really like the Bondi 7, they are soft and cushiony, great for my long runs!

From: Anonymous. July 31st, 2021Comments: These shoes hurt my feet and gives me blisters. I do not wear them now; and I want to return them ASAP.... Thanks

From: CJJ. Memphis, TN. July 28th, 2021

This is my 5th pair of Bondi's.I have feet issues and they work great for me.Wider than some of the other Hokas so plenty of toe room. The only brand of tennis shoes I buy.I got them within a week of ordering them.

From: Mary. Roanoke, VA. July 27th, 2021

Best shoes for heel pain. I love the color of the shoe. They run big. I did not have to size up, but they are a bit roomier than the average running shoe. I wish they came in narrow, I have an extremely narrow foot and they are a bit wide in the heel.

From: Karen. July 27th, 2021

Beautiful shoe.Not what I needed for plantar fasciitis. Too soft.Not enough arch support.

From: Janette. Greenville, SC July 24th, 2021

Love, love, love my Bondi 7 shoes I recently purchased.Very comfortable, true to size.My size is a 9, and I ordered a 9. Spacious toe width, and very supportive shoe.I have lower back problems and these Bondi 7 shoes have been so helpful.I walk 3 or more miles for exercise 3 times a week and they are excellent for everyday activities and wear. I wear them around the house to complete daily chores.I am on my feet for 7 or more hours, and I put in a large number of steps being an educator.Purchasing these shoes was the best decision ever.I purchased a pair of Clifton's a while back. They were comfortable at first but after wearing and washing, they were not so comfortable.I am definitely a very satisfied Running Warehouse & Bondi customer.The customer service with running warehouse employees has always been top-notch.My shoes were shipped and delivered very quickly.Any questions that I had pertaining to my order or shoe choice, were very helpful.I hope this review helps someone.Reading the reviews helped me tremendously.

From: Peaches. Memphis, TN. July 23rd, 2021

Thank you Running Warehouse for suggesting an excellent shoe for me.I am a 64-year-old woman who enjoys walking daily but was suffering from a bone spur in my heel.I really wanted to continue walking and my doctor said it was a good idea but the pain was excruciating.After explaining my predicament, RW suggested this HOKA brand and all is well now.My heel feels great as I walk.Thank you.

From: Lori. July 17th, 2021

From the first moment I put my foot in these shoes I was blown away. They are unbelievably comfortable. They are also super cute. I highly recommend these. I do not do heavy workouts but I am a wickedly busy mom and these shoes help make life a little comfier.

From: Anonymous. July 17th, 2021

These HOKAS are supportive, lightweight, and a nice color. I've worn this same shoe for a few years, they never disappoint.

From: Heather. Spokane, WA. July 16th, 2021

Bondi's are the only shoe that I can take a long walk in and not hurt. The extra cushion is unlike any shoe I've ever owned not to mention the tailored comfort of the entire shoe. This is my 3rd pair, yes, BONDI is IT for me!!

From: Anonymous. July 15th, 2021


I highly recommend trying this sneaker.It is the most comfortable I've ever owned. Very cushioned and springy.Very fast shipping from Running Warehouse!

From: Anonymous. July 14th, 2021

I highly recommend trying this sneaker.It is the most comfortable I've ever owned. Very cushioned and springy.Very fast shipping from Running Warehouse!

From: Anonymous. July 7th, 2021

Great shoe for canvassing and being on your feet walking for hours!

From: Anonymous. July 6th, 2021

LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes. Wore to a holiday walking on cobble stone streets with zero issues and after all day on my feet at Disneyland with no issues. They run true to size and on narrow feet a little big.

From: Marlene. Chino Hills, CA. July 1st, 2021

As ever, I am super pleased with the speed and efficiency with which my order was placed, filled, and delivered. I had my Bondi 7 the next afternoon! Love the shoes, love the Warehouse!

From: Anita. Belton, SC June 26th, 2021

I wear a normal width shoe though my foot runs a bit wide, particularly the left one. I found this model to be a bit narrow in the toe box, which is why I returned it. Wearing it around the house the support was great and it's very lightweight. Wish it had been as wide in the toe as the Clifton.

From: Anonymous June 21st, 2021

I absolutely love my Hoka sneakers! I average 100 miles per month and wear the shoes 10 hours per day. Awesome shoes! I have received quick responses from customer service for my questions.

From: Raven. Clearwaterm FL. June 21st, 2021

Comfortable as heck. Light. Cushy. But lots of shoe there. Big like clown feet. But donâ•Â˙t care bc comfortable and good for walking. But I would run in these. Too much padding.

From: Mom. NYC CA. June 9th, 2021

Pretty comfortable to wear for long periods of time. True fit and just as pictured. Happy with shoes.

From: Raani. June 8th, 2021

Only place I buy my shoes. HOKA One One are the best. My favorite is the Bondi. It's like walking on a cloud. I have Psoriatic arthritis and I'm on my feet for work for 8 plus hours 5 days a week. Receiving my order in 2 days is amazing.

From: Amy. Michigan. June 3rd, 2021

These shoes work great for me as I build miles and move towards becoming a Ultra runner, I'm over 50 years old and overweight. My feet feel great and have little issues when wearing them both in the dirt trails and black top trails. I have ordered several pairs they are my go to shoes. finished my first 50k over the holiday weekend!! :)

From: Karen. Waverly, IA. June 6th, 2021

Hoka Bondi 7 is so comfortable! The support and cushioning is amazing. Very light in weight and feels like walking on air. Love the Black Iris/Blue Haze combo color(Mesh material). I am an avid daily speed walker and then work out. I purchased the Clifton7 a year ago and thought they were excellent, until I tried the Bondi 7. The Clifton7 took one week to adjust to the support. Bondi 7 no breaking needed. Like night and day. The fit in the toe box area is roomy. I have flat feet and supination. Fit true to size. I wear an 8.5B women's with full length orthotics. The only con is that the tongue is very stiff but get use to it. I also stitched the arch side of tongue so it would not shift. I didn't need new Hoka's but wanted a back up. I have washed the Hoka's in a commercial washer, removed insoles/laces, put all them in a mesh laundry bag, warm water, no softener, air dry in one day. No problems. Delivery was on time. I would definitely recommend Hoka's and Bondi 7 to anyone. A little pricey but definitely worth it. My feet and body thank you.

From: Deb. Whitehall, PA. May 24th, 2021

Bondi models are the best running shoe for comfort ever, been buying these for over 4 to 5 years, I started with Bondi 4, and now in Bondi 7. However, they seem to be having quality issues with Bondi 6 and 7. On the 6, the upper started separating from the sole on every pair I purchased...on the 7, the inside heal is wearing out so now there is a hole that is causing blisters and I hardly have any miles on it...the best model was Bondi 5, most comfortable of all!!I looked all over the internet for a year, could never find my size...

From: Anonymous. May 15th, 2021

These shoes were super comfortable and really supportive. Unfortunately, I have weird asymmetrical feet and they didn't work for both my feet. I had to return them.
Anonymous. May 11th, 2021


These are the most comfortable shoes EVER! The support and cushion is amazing! I'm a nurse and I'm on my feet 12+ hours a day and my feet no longer hurt after a long shift! I will definitely purchase these again!
Jenny. Arlington, TX. May 4th, 2021


Best shoe on the market. Tried every shoe over 40 years of running. Hoka is the only shoe Iwill run in. You won't be disappointed. Invest in your feet!!
Colleen. Allen Park, MI. May 1st 2021


: Love these shoes!Love the comfort and support they offer!Whether walking or working out they are fantastic!
From: Maureen. Piney Flats, TN. April 1st 2021Comments: I can not say enough about the Hoka Bondi 7. I am in the medical field, so there is a lot of walking and standing. These shoes are great for both standing and walking. I also ordered the same shoes for my mother because she was having knee pain from standing for long periods of time & she LOVES them!
From: Paula. Temple, TX. April 6th, 2021Comments: Great shoe. I have 5 pairs of Hoka shoes and bought the Hoka Bondi 7 shoes for my wife. The cushionsole is second to none, and she really loves wearing them. I was a little hesitant ordering them online not knowing how they would fit. Pleasant surprise they were true to their size. She is now completely sold on Hoka and will be checking out your site for more shoes and new colors.
From: Robert. April 7th, 2021Comments: Love them and running warehouse!
From: Deirdre. April 10th, 2021Comments: I love this shoe!! I have worn Hoka's before but this model beats them all for comfort!!
From: April. MA. April 13th, 2021Comments: I have been an elementary PE teacher for over 30 years. This year my feet really started to bother me, and I was in a lot of pain.I saw another PE teacher mentioned Hoka's on Facebook.So I gave them a try. Best decision I have made in a long time.Theses shoes are like walking on a cloud.
From: Tracy. Hagerstown. March 30th, 2021Comments: This is my 5th pair of HOKA Bondi. I am over 50 and run between 15-21 miles a week. A few years ago I started to develop knee and ankle pain from running. The Bondi has resolved this and I do have pain, except when I wait too long to replace them. They make running possible for me.
Anonymous. March 21st 2021Comments: I love these shoes. I wear them for road running, speed walking and sometimes work. I need a lot of cushion as I have metal in my low back. For some reason, the light blue shoes feel more narrow. So I have been ordering the black lately.
Kelly Medford. March 13th 2021Comments: Love the shoes. I did see a comment the shoes don't last that long but that's what it takes to have a cushy shoe and a lightweight shoe. It's a small price to pay for awesome shoes that I can run in with my tricky knees!
From: Nancy, San Luis Obispo. March 11th 2021Comments:I have mixed thoughts about this brand. I have purchased 3 pairs of HOKA ONE ONE Bondi shoes since July of 2019. While I absolutely LOVE the comfort and the feeling of running on air, I am so utterly disappointed in the durability of these shoes. ALL THREE PAIRS have tears in the exact same location of the shoe. The fabric tears away from the sole. I looked around a bit and see many, many others who have shared photos and stories about how their shoes have done the same thing. This is so disappointing to me because I absolutely love these shoes. But I can't keep forking over $140 every 9 months for a new pair of shoes. Bought a pair for my son and his shoe ripped apart in the same spot after only a few weeks of running in them. So sad, but I can not buy these anymore.....
From: Kathy. March 8th 2021

Comments: I love these shoes!!!
They are the only show that I can run in since having surgery on both feet!
Jennifer Ft. Myers, Florida. March 8th 2021

Comments: Finally found these comfortable shoes for my feet! I thought maybe the height of padding may be too much but it worked out. I've been told I have high arched, so this is shoe for me.
From: Sheila, Grover Beach. March 6th 2021Comments: I am a NURSE that is on my feet for an average 14 hours per shift! The BEST shoes ever...like PILLOWS ON MY FEET! I have converted all my Healthcare Cohorts to the "HOKA SIDE"!!!!!!

I also workout, run, walk, bike daily....would not wear another shoe....THE BEST!!!!
From: Mary Windsor. March 5th 2021

Comments: Love them as always. I will keep coming back.
Sharri. March 2nd 2021Comments: I don't like the Bondi 7 as much as the 6. The cushioning is stiff and the area around the tongue seems to irritate my tendons on the front of my ankle. I have been wearing the at work since December. I have purchased 4 pair of the Bondi 6 so I've really worn them. I will need new shoes again in 3 months and not sure which model I will purchase to give me the comfort I had with the Bondi 6
From: Melissa Salem, OR. March 1st 2021Comments: My sister recommended Running Warehouse and also recommended HOKA shoes. I walk approximately 135 miles per month and HOKA sneakers are the best I have ever worn! Running Warehouse responded quickly to my email question. They are very knowledgeable and provide great customer service!
Raven Clearwater, FL. February 25th 2021Comments: These shoes were super comfortable and really supportive. Unfortunately I have weird asymmetrical feet and they didn't work for both my feet. I had to return them.
Anonymous. February 24th 2021

Comments: Hokas were recommended by my podiatrist and the specialist at the shoe store because of a few foot problems I have. They are roomy enough to fit in the arch support, which helps my metatarsal injury, and the toe box is wonderfully roomy. I love the stack height, and they are comfy enough to wear all day and then use to walk several miles after work. These are my third pair, and I've received a lot of compliments on the style. They are expensive, but worth it. They are lasting a lot longer than my former shoe brand, and they are more comfortable. Great shoe. I recommend it to anyone who asks.
Nancy, Bethalto. February 16th 2021

Comments: The new Bondi seems to have less cushion than last years. I also would like more colors.
From: Anonymous. February 11th 2021

Comments: Love it.it is so comfortable even after a long 10 hours on my feet. This is not the first time I have been buying this been using it for almost 7 years and it is worth buying it.
Manjusha, San Antonio, TX. February 9th 2021

Comments: So I absolutely love Hoka Bondis as they are my favorite shoe ever!!! However, with that being said, bring back the 6s. The new 7s lost their cushioning and are a tad bit smaller. Hopefully, Hoka will rectify this problem with the 8s.
Marley. January 31st 2021Comments: I have a comfortable pair of HOKA in s different color. I ordered a different color, however these are not as comfortable to work in. I'll be returning
From:Anonymous. January 30th 2021

Comments: This is my third pair of HOKA Bondi shoes. I love that they are cushioned in the forefoot--so few shoes have adequate cushioning there. I am recovering from a metatarsal injury that made running excruciating. These were recommended by my physical therapist and have been fantastic. The heel to toe drop is minimal--like the minimalist shoes I used to love to wear--and allows the foot to fall naturally, but without sacrificing protection between my feet and the road. They also come in wide widths, and accommodate orthotics. After being released to run, I've spent the last nine months slowly building mileage in these shoes. Over the last month, I've been running 4-5 miles a day, 5-6 days a week and these shoes are keeping my feet happy.
Alison, Kentucky. January 28th 2021Comments: Now, this is a perfect running shoe. This is the forth Hoka One One Bondi Model I've Purchased. These shoes are well made, and have extremely nice cushioning. The cushioning also extends to the ball of the foot. Not only do they feel good, they look good, too. I purchased the black and white color (nothing else was available in my size), and I love them. It is also worth noting the shoe laces are long enough to tie a runner's lace. I can't say enough good things about the Hoka Bondi shoe. Initially, years ago, I bought this shoe in a size 7, but have come to the conclusion that a size 6 1/2 is a better fit. Buy these and you will NOT be disappointed.
Mona Maryland, USA. January 25th 2021Comments: Love them!
From: Anonymous. January 22nd 2021

Comments:Purchased these for my wife, she loves them and the purple color looks great. Hoka Bondi's are my go to sneakers and running warehouse my go to store.
John Melbourne. January 16th 2021

Comments: Love the cushioning for an older runner!!!!!!
Linda. January 15th 2021Comments: I love these shoes! They feel light on my feet and give excellent support. My knees and hip dont bother me when I walk when I wear these shoes.
From: Kristen, Hawaii. January 15th 2021Comments: I bought this Hoka for my daughter and she is very happy with them. An specialist recommended this brand she was right !
Anonymous. January 15th 2021

Comments: Hoka one one Bondi are fantastic running shoes! As we get older we lose the fat pads in our feet and need more cushioning, these sneakers provide the cushioning and support for my feet. I have wide feet with high arches and skinny heels. These sneakers fit me perfectly!! I purchased 2 pair in different colors!
LJ, Arizona. January 12th 2021Comments: As always- love these shoes! wear them for work (nursing) and as well as for my daily walks outside. very supportive and comfortable.
Staying warm in Minnesota. January 10th 2021Comments: One of my most favorite shoes. Love my Bondi's. I haven't noticed much difference between the 7 and the 6. The shoe feels great. Lightweight and very super cushy.
From: CS, Texas. January 18th 2021Comments: Sorry to say the shoes have not enough cushioning for me felt like running on tire rubber with no give. Not enough shock absorbing. I've been a runner for 38 years so it's not that I'm new to running. Fit was great in actual shoe very comfortable. For me need give. I returned the shoe and was refunded on the purchase. Thank you
Debbie, Florida. January 5th 2021Comments: My Girl loves them. I got them for her for x-mas and she is pregnant and she is loving these shoes do for her walking around!
Anonymous. January 4th 2021Comments: I am 72 years old, have had a hip replacement and and meniscus tear repair in the last 3 years. I have been searching for a sturdy tennis shoe that feels good on my foot and keeps my knees and hips from further and future pain. I was introduced to the HOKA brand shoes back in November by my daughter who is a fitness instructor and was wearing a pair. She was introduced to them by her good friend who is a physical education teacher and a marathon runner and bike rider and wears only HOKA. I ordered a pair right away and have only had them off my feet to go to bed!!! I have the BONDI style and got the Blue Haze color....great color that goes with everything I wear. I love them and highly recommend them.
Sally Fort Pierce Florida. January 4th 2021.Comments: Was looking for a shoe I could use for walking, not running. Settled on the Bondi 7 and ordered both 7.0 wide and 7.5 wide since I have the problem of getting numbness in one foot if the shoe is too narrow. I have a wide toe box, but a narrow heal. Found the 7.5 too long, but great width. Thought I'd give the 7.0 a try. Put them on in the house and thought it was not as cushioned as other reviewers described. I continued walked around the house, but the real discovery was when I went outside and walked on pavement. Then I could feel the cushion in the heal and the overall comfort of the shoe. My toes had plenty of room and there was good support around the ankle. The longer I wore them on the first day, the more I liked the shoe and I was on my feet for a several hours that first day. I decided to keep them and have been happy with the purchase. This was one of the brands my podiatrist recommended and glad he steered me over to Hoka.
From:Anonymous. January 3rd 2021

Comments: The most comfortable Hoka I have worn yet! Great job guys!
Dawn Dunedin. December 31st 2020

Comments: I am a critical care front line RN working 12 hr night shifts. These shoes have made a massive difference in my feet, legs and lower back. I dont suffer so much pain that i did before due to the excellent support these shoes have provided me. They are a bit pricey, but now im willing to pay for the change they have given me.
Cassandra, Pocola, OK. December 30th 2020Comments: Very comfortable shoes i will recommend to eveybody.
Anonymous. December 28th 2020Comments: This is my I do not know how many pairs of Bondis. I have been running in them for a couple of years. Love the cushion and the way they hug my feet. I am an endurance/ distance runner. I know some people do not like the weight but I find it does not bother me. I really like the way my feet feel in them. At 50 comfort is a great importance ha!!
Christy Waxhaw, NC. December 26th 2020

Comments: Due to some orthopedic issues, I need to wear stiff shoes. The Bondi 6 was recommended by my orthopedic surgeon. The 6s are great. The 7s not as stiff. I wish 6s were still available.
Pat, Grand Junction. December 24th 2020

Comments: I have been delighted by my new pair of HOKA Bondi 7 shoes. I have significant arthritis in my right foot, and the Bondi model has made all the difference. Now I can continue the long walks I enjoy. It's an excellent shoe.
Anonymous. December 21st 202Comments: Love it!! Very comfy!
Stephanie. December 21st 2020Comments: They are great. A day of working them in and they were good. They are supportive and keep me walking 3-5 miles a day.
Anonymous. December 20th 2020Comments: When I first started running 13 years ago, I had a hard time with injury since I had grown up swimming and not doing impact sports before. Eventually I found that Nike Pegasus worked pretty well - didn't eliminate injury, but made it doable. So I've run in Nike Pegasus shoes for the last 7 years (just keep getting the updated model of the same kind)... But recently, an old foot injury flared up, and the doctor recommended Hokas since I have high arches and a tendency to supinate. I've only been running in them for a few months so far, but so far they feel great! Takes a lot of the stress off the outside of my foot and has helped me get back to running with significantly decreased pain! They Hoka Bondi 7 are really comfortable shoes for me.
Anonymous. December 14th 2020

Comments:This is my third pair of Hoka Bondi. I have never been able to walk far because I have no heel fat pad. These shoes are so comfortable I am now walking up to 18 miles a week. I am so thankful that a friend told me about these shoes. Love them!
Ella. Arroyo Grande. December 9th 2020Comments: Really like this shoe! The colors are so pretty! I have been wearing Altra shoes exclusively for quite a while. However, their sticky soles pull tread off my treadmill belt and sticky black junk accumulates on the sole of the shoe and behind the treadmill. It's not a problem with these shoes. These are wide and cushioned! I usually wear a 9 or 9.5, but had to exchange these for an 8.5W.
Running Warehouse has been GREAT taking returns as I try to find the perfect shoe for my very wide feet.
:Anonymous. November 26th 2020

Comments: Great shoe, true to size. Seem a bit wider than my Clifton 7 7.5.
Anonymous. November 15th 2020

Comments: The shoes are great. I have issues with my feet so I did have to put orthotic arch supports in them but I love them. There is plenty of room in the toe area and they feel great.
From: Anonymous. November 12th 2020Comments: Great stability, great arch support. Size runs about 1/2 a size bigger, so consider ordering smaller.
Anonymous. November 10th 2020Comments: Extremely comfortable and look good
Anonymous. November 7th 2020

Comments: Love! Not much difference from the 6, but the ankle cuff is much more comfortable. Toe box to me (Cinderella feet) feels the same. Some reviews said that it had narrowed but I did not feel that. I do miss the ultimate coosh of the Bondi B but this is still the most comfortable shoe in the market.
MelissaKemmerer, WY. November 1st 2020Comments: Love these shoes!
I have worn the Bondi 5, 6 and now 7 all have been comfortable. I have to say I prefer the Bondi 7, they are supportive yet cushioned enough for comfort.
Banana. October 28th 2020Comments: I love these shoes!
Anonymous. October 21st 2020

Comments: I have been a Hoka fan since the they began. I have had just about every Bondi in the series and they all change slightly over time. This version is similar to the Bondi 6, yet some differances I noted right out of the box. The Bondi seem soft and plush and ready to go from the moment I put them on my feet. I usually wear the Cliftons for most of my training and thought i would make the Bondi my go to running shoe. The stack height seemed a little less from the Bondi 6 and more plush. Other runners have also mentioned they noted this version is just more comfortable. The upper seems nice and breathable. The forefoot is very roomy, I don't think it narrow at all. I like the heel collar with the memory foam too.
I really enjoyed my runs in this shoe and look forward to many more.
Beth, Leawood. October 18th 2020

Comments: Absolutely great shoes, I bought mine for walking on tread mill, I walk 18 miles a week but.....I like them so much I wear them everywhere. I bought the Hoka Bondi 100 7 in black with whit trim and I also have the Bondi 6.in the pinkish peach, not crazy about the color but I wear them inside. I also found a pair on EBay Sand Carribean and I adore the color and get a lot of compliments, Both great shoes. I don't run and I loved the colors in the Cliftons so I bough 2 pair in great colors, white with rose gold, I found in Paris and a very pretty blue. The Clifton shoe is more designed for running, but they work but not as much heel cushioning. The great features are You can remove the insoles in all the Hoka shoes and put your orthotics in and finally I can get a 7 1/2, Usually I have to buy an 8 since no one makes half sizes. These shoes a notspicy but once you wear them you wont care. If I gave some advise get more popping colors in the next Bondi 100 if I'm going to wear a Clunky shoe I want to make a statement with the color. Thank you Hoka.
Toni, Summit, NJ. October 17th 2020

Comments: I usually buy Clifton and my next pair will be back to Clifton. These are supposed to be the most cushion, but they feel pretty stiff to me. They definitely are great shoes, just not my favorite or ones I would buy again.
KariRedondo Beach, CA. October 16th 2020

Comments: I wanted to like the Hoka Bondi 7, but sadly they went back. Even though they are billed as "max" cushioning, I didn't feel that the cushioning had that "plush" feeling. They seemed stiff and firm...and the toe box seemed a bit cramped. I have ongoing issues with my toes going numb regardless of which shoe I'm wearing. However, the Bondi 7 brought on the numbness much quicker than any other shoe I've tried. I wish they would have worked, because it's a good looking shoe...but it's just not for me.
LindaRiverside, IL. October 12th 2020Comments: The shoes are amazing. I am a nurse and work 4 days a week 12 hr shifts and with these shoes, my feet never hurt anymore.
From: Anonymous. October 11th 2020Comments:I haven't worn Bondis in awhile, so I thought I'd give these a try. I've been wearing thr Clifton 6D and the Bondi 7D is slightly narrower. Since I wear these for work, I decided to keep them, but just wear thinner, dress no-show socks rather than regular running socks. Other than being tighter, they're great. The cushioning is amazing and I have no trouble with my feet after a 9 hour day on concrete floors, averaging 85k steps/week.
Frances,Happy Valley, OR October 8th 2020Comments: I found that although the cushioning is comparable to the Bondi 6, the upper has much less volume making the toe box and mid foot feel more narrow even in the wide width. Heel cup feels looser in the wide.
Anonymous. September 27th 2020

Comments: These shoes are awesome.. I'm glad they have some nicer colors now ;-)
From: dawn. Louisville Ky February 23rd 2022

Comments: I chose this shoe because a shoes expert said Bondi was wider than Clifton and I knew how Clifton fit my feet. But after running 7 miles, I felt pain at the top of my right little toe. I aim at running a full marathon race and I can't run 19.2 miles with the pain. I had to return the shows. I appreciate that Running Warehouse accept returns and give full refunds.
From: Anonymous. Cambridge February 24th 2022

Comments: I have very narrow feet, a high arch and a second toe which is longer than my big toe. This causes my toes to tend to squeeze together and causes a callus. These shoes fit me perfectly, and I wear them on a daily basis. They are the wonderful!!!
From: Caroline. Asheville February 27th 2022

Comments: I ordered and received my Hoka shoes in short order. I thought the B width would be right but quickly found that the B was a bit too tight and had to return the shoes for a wider width. Your service department was very cordial and efficient. I sent the shoes back and am now enjoying my new pair. The shoes are so comfortable, I am not even aware of wearing shoes when I walk. Very pleased with the shoes and especially your wonderful staff and service.
From: Barbara. San Marcos, TX March 9th 2022

Comments: The Hoka Bondi is the only shoe I walk in. I have a bad back and some foot issues and with the wide walking shoe, I no longer have foot and much back pain when I walk. Thank you Running Warehouse for taking good care of my orders for years!
From: Julie. March 13th 2022

Comments: These are my absolute favorites. Nice, plush ride in an overall comfortable shoe. Great for those who need more cushioning to alleviate any type of foot pain.
From: Kimba. March 16th 2022

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