A Woman’s Right to Pleasure (2022)


A Woman’s Right to Pleasure (1)

Through the many lenses of female artists, the display and intersection of pleasure within the realms of celebrity and social media along with other angles of womanhood like childbirth – these artists are showing not only sides of themselves but of us and how consume the woman’s body and psyche, while unbeknownst to us the subsequent audience, they are seeking or rather fighting for the right to own every curve and edge of their bodies.

Artists featured in the show were selected by BlackBook Presents because of the many stances and complexities that each have embodied. “What comes through in the Fini works is very different from the humor in Alexandra Rubinsein's paintings, or the kind of punk rock anger in Judith Bernstein's works," says director of the project, Alexandra Weiss. "And yet there's a connection. For us, it was really about celebrating those differences while highlighting the beauty of the female experience — and celebrating it, without apology.”

The artist line-up by features women who have dedicated their lives to a gaze that has yet to be categorized and may have been exploited many times over, woman’s sucesses and plights in the world such as Judy Chicago, Tracey Emin, Leonor Fini, Sophia Wallace, Georgia O’Keefe, and Louise Bourgeois.

Don't wait too long to go see it, the exhibition is at Sotheby's Los Angeles until August 12, 2022.

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Latinx Artist Marcel Alcalá Is in The Ascendant

A Woman’s Right to Pleasure (17)

The Latinx painter, ceramicist, and performance artist recently took the time to let us peek into their mind and creative process. From their past experiences, to their plans for the future, and everything in between, they take us through what truly makes their iconic works shine.

What is your definition of your style of art? Why do you make this type of art?

There has been an immediate diaristic approach to my recent works. Through surrealist and neo-expressionist techniques in oil painting, I process personal and simple human moments in everyday life. Moments like questioning what it means to exist in a body, my Latinx experience, and being queer in our current climate. In the simplest terms, I make this work because it's a part of my lived experience. I’d like to show my point of view to not only a broader audience, but a younger generation of queens like myself.

What does your work aim to say? What emotions do you strive to evoke from your viewers when they see your art? If not emotional, what is your intention/objective?

The aim is dependent on the work itself. Each piece is like reading a short story, some works are more literal than others.

Tell me about yourself. What has brought you to this present moment in your life and inspired you to create the pieces you have?

Queer AF. I have long hair, long nails, and a very hairy body. Born in Santa Ana, CA, and came into my own on the streets of Chicago. I moved to Los Angeles after bopping around New York, Mexico City, and Paris. Each piece I make is an opportunity to grow and process something new. It’s become an addiction. Existing is exciting to me, and to exist is a reason to keep making. Living is inspiring and traumatizing!

Where do you go to get inspiration?

Are there any specific places or people that you need to be around? Location is very important to my inspiration. Whether it is writing a book of poetry in Paris, performing as a clown in underground clubs in LA, or writing movie scripts in Brooklyn, the scene is where I’m inspired most. Queer nightlife has always been an influence to me as well, from Mustache Mondays in my early 20s, to most recently, at El Prado every Tuesday. Most recently I’ve been spending a lot of time at places like the Groundlings and the Laugh Factory to check out performances by stand-ups and improv queens.

What did you think you would be doing with your life before art came into the picture, and how did you end up here? Was there any particular moment that inspired the start of your career?

The moment I saw a Basquiat Retrospective at the MOCA at 12 years old, I knew being an artist was for me. The colorful linework and references to his background as a Haitian-American in Brooklyn made an immense impact on me as a child. His ability to speak about politics through such a colorful medium is what I wanted, and still want, to strive for in my work.

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With the increase of eyes on you and your artwork, do you have any personal goals or missions that you intend to get across to others who do not have your platform?

Doing solo shows at institutions that I frequented as a child has always been important to me. OCMA, MOCA, MOLAA, etc. I'm working towards more museum exhibitions. A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to have some work acquired by actor/collector Cheech Marin, who houses one of the largest collections of Chicanx works. This spring, he’ll be opening his museum in Riverside, a city I grew up going to all my life to visit family, a city with a majority of Latinx residents.

What are your cultural inspirations? Do you have any social or political influences that you showcase through your art?

Yes, Mexico, and the USA, and in-between. That idea of the “in-between” is inspiring within itself. Whether it’s through gender, land borders, or the body in general, the in-between is where I live and thrive.

What do we have to look forward to with your upcoming work? Are you focused on any new projects that you can share with us?

I'll be showing some new paintings with Night Gallery.

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Hank Willis Thomas: Multidisciplinary Master

A Woman’s Right to Pleasure (25)

The American flag, a recurring theme of his body of work, appears in the show in the piece 'Falling Stars' which depicts thousands of embroidered stars honoring the lives of the number of victims of gun violence in America — an issue deeply personal to Willis Thomas after he lost a friend to gun violence. The most interactive and quirky element of the exhibition is the retroflective work which forces the viewer to step out of the passive viewing of photography and intentionally engage with the art by using a flash in order to reveal the subject.

Everything We See Hides Another Thingis on view at both Chelsea locations of the Jack Shainman Gallery until October 29th, 2022.

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Wolfgang Tillmans: To Look Without Fear

A Woman’s Right to Pleasure (34)

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  • The Cock (kiss) (2002). Image courtesy of the artist, David Zwirner, New York / Hong Kong, Galerie Buchholz, Berlin / Cologne, Maureen Paley, London

Switching from abstract experimental photography, to raw journalistic documentary, to staged trailblazing fashion editorials for both publications and iconic campaigns has proven his work transgresses one set category.

Apart from that, the German-born artist has developed a one-of-a-kind tactic of coalescing a relationship between space and his exhibits. By placing his work in a rather unconventional way — yes, the photograph is meant to be next to the fire extinguisher — the exhibition transforms from looking at 2-D art to a three-dimensional installation. Tillmans' work is conveyed by integrity and research that conquers to create proximity between the captured object or person and the viewer.

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The exhibition will be open to the public from the 12th of September until the 1st of January 2023 found in the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Center for Special Exhibitions.

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