40+ Sponsorship Email Subject Line Examples | Sender (2023)

Sponsoring brands and events requires creating attractive and compelling email subject lines and corresponding messages.

A sponsorship email acts as the basis for gaining partners and it can make or break a deal by limiting the open rates. Many email recipients open emails based on how the subject lines are.

It is important to pay attention to subject lines for sponsorship proposal emails, sponsorship requests for an event, and donations. Here are the examples of sponsorship email subject lines.

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Sponsorship Proposal Email Subject Lines

  • Question about {proposal objective}
    The email prospect will be prompted to open the email to find out what the question is.
  • Hello {first name}, {question}
    Emails with such subject lines will encourage opens and responses because questions provoke answers.
  • I learned about you through {Insert referral name}
    Mentioning referrals in an email subject line establishes a connection with the sponsor thereby prompting a response.
  • Nice meeting you, {Prospect’s name}
    Let your recipient know that you have an idea of how they can offer support.
  • Trust you can assist
    People feel good when helping others, so it is a good idea to state your hope of getting help from the sponsor. They will be more than willing to open the proposal email.
  • This is a proposal email
    Transparency and honesty can take your business far because it is a clear way of getting your point across.
  • I will appreciate your feedback on our meeting
    Maybe you have just led a meeting or gave a demonstration with your prospect. It is a great idea to ask if you can address important questions since this will be a way of evaluating how things went.
  • Our next course of action
    If you had initially connected with your prospect, this will be an ideal subject line for a proposal email.
  • What does it take?
    Asking a rhetorical question can encourage dialogue or prompt response.
  • To stay or to go
    If your prospect has taken a while to reply, use this subject line and create a breakup email professionally.
  • I love the contents of this email
    Using this quote as part of your subject line will encourage the prospect to open the email.
  • Meeting request on {day}
    If your prospect is expecting you to request a meeting with them, use this subject line.
  • 15 minutes – {date}
    This subject line is easy, short, and on point, so it can trigger a click and reply.
  • {Prospect}, you may like this content
    Put the prospect’s name followed by email content on the body as a way of testing unresponsive or disengaged prospects.
  • This is what I intend to do
    Offer something hoping to win some favor from the prospect based on the law of reciprocity.

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Sponsorship Request Email for an Event Subject Lines

Examples of subject lines that create a sense of urgency include:

  1. Hurry! Just 5 days to the event
  2. Act now
  3. Few spaces left, hurry up
  4. Don’t miss our biggest trade show

Subject lines that are more informative include:

  1. Here is the event’s schedule (event)
  2. Here are the event’s expectations (the event)
  3. (An industry professional) will be in attendance (the event) on (date)

Subject lines with event offer included:

  1. Register now to qualify for a 10% discount
  2. Invitation for a free registration

Subject lines do discourage people from missing out:

  • Here is an opportunity to meet industry professionals
  • Check the event’s attendees
  • 5 out of 6 people benefited as a result of attending the event

Examples of subject lines to boost event attendance

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  • 6 days left to have a lifetime experience
  • Don’t forget (event)
  • Things to know before the day of the event

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Sponsorship Email Donations

  • Posing a question: Can we arrange for a call?
    This subject line can encourage email opening because it asks a question which your audience should respond to, and it is brief.This is an effective way to engage a donor because it has a personal touch.
  • Introductory subject line”: Hello {insert name}, I wish to introduce myself
    This is one of the most effective email subject lines because it is personalized and creates an opportunity for future collaboration.
  • The intriguing style: Time to confess: We need your services
    Such a subject line adds some intrigue by the use of the word “confession”. It creates a personal touch and prompts the recipient to act by finding out what the secret information is all about.
  • Impact style: Help boost access to women’s viewpoints
    The recipients are interested in mutual collaboration especially when you state that their efforts will be valuable, so they are likely to click.
  • Being cheeky: Let’s engage dirty {data}
    Getting a little cheeky is another way to encourage your audience to open an email. You can use a quote or a lyric song that sounds inappropriate or irrelevant at first glance and attracts extra attention.
  • The deadline: Complete your 2021 donations by December 31!
    Any fundraising email that mentions a deadline or a holiday has a higher open rate.
  • Posing an urgent question: Could you give us some support today?
    This subject line poses an urgent question to the recipient without necessarily appearing overly aggressive.
  • The “one final thing…..”
    When seeking a fundraising opportunity, inform your recipient that they have a final chance to support you. This will be a great way to make the email outstanding.
  • The reverse-style: Avoid opening this email
    It seems awkward to tell a recipient not to open an email, but reverse psychology is effective. When you tell someone not to open an email, they will be more curious to do it.
  • The story of the client: Meet {name} and {name}
    You can use such a subject line to accomplish a mission because it is short, simple, and eye-catching. It also provides a hint of the story contained in the email and allows you to tell a story of your organization’s beneficiaries.
  • Follow-up: Did you get what you were looking for?
    Use this subject line to address the previous visitors to your website and left their email addresses. The email should build on the subject line question by asking the recipients to make a financial contribution if they found valuable information.
  • New announcement: Making a new announcement
    One of the greatest ways to excite your prospects is by informing them of something new that you are introducing.
  • Special invite: An invite from a special guest
    The subject line makes the recipient feel important and builds a sense of mystery and curiosity because it does not disclose who the special guest is. The reader would want to click and find out more.
  • The final chance: The last day is today
    The urgent tone in this subject line enables you to out your message across at the end of an email marketing campaign.
  • The prize-focused style: Participate in our medical campaign and win a trip
    Although this subject line lacks a personal touch, it addresses the reader directly and makes them excited.

Take The Best Sponsorship Email Subject Line

The goal of sending sponsorship emails is to meet the desired goal of taking a brand to the next level. Whether your prospect will open the email or not depends on the subject line.

Creating eye-catching and responsive subject lines will encourage open rates and responses and allow you to win some favour from the prospects. Try the above sponsorship email subject line examples and you will get positive results.

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What is a good subject line for fundraising email? ›

Just one week left to join [fundraiser campaign name] One day left to take action. [First name], your last chance to get your gift matched!

What is a good example of a subject line for an email? ›

Sumo's best email subject lines
Subject LineOpen Rate
1. I was right – and that's not good for you69%
2. 13 email marketing trends you must know64%
3. Before you write another blog post, read this61%
4. Are we still on for 12?61%
6 more rows

How do you write a formal email for sponsorship? ›

What Should Be Included in a Sponsorship Letter?
  1. An Introduction to Yourself and Your Opportunity.
  2. The Reason You Got in Touch.
  3. Information about Your Audience.
  4. Your Activation and Sponsorship Opportunities.
  5. A Mention of When You Will Follow Up.

What is a good title for a fundraiser? ›

Your title should include the first and last name of the individual or the name of the organisation receiving the funds. People seeking to donate money on GoFundMe often search for a particular person or cause. Similarly, if your cause is related to a known disaster, consider adding its name to your title.

How do you ask for donations via email? ›

Dear [Donor Name], Today, I'm writing to ask you to support [cause]. By donating just [amount], you can [specific impact]. To donate, [specific action]. Thank you for joining [cause's] efforts during this [adjective] time—It's supporters like you that help us change the world every day.

How do you ask for donations examples? ›

I'm writing to ask you to support me and my [cause/project/etc.]. Just a small donation of [amount] can help me [accomplish task/reach a goal/etc.] Your donation will go toward [describe exactly what the contribution will be used for]. [When possible, add a personal connection to tie the donor to the cause.

What is subject in email? ›

What is the subject in an email? The subject line of an email is the single line of text people see when they receive your email. This one line of text can often determine whether an email is opened or sent straight to the trash, so make sure it's optimized for your audience.

How do I sponsor my cold email? ›

When writing a cold email to possible event sponsors, make sure you keep in mind your end goal: to start a conversation and ultimately schedule a meeting to discuss the sponsorship opportunity. You cannot expect to secure a deal just by writing the email alone. You're starting a conversation, not signing a deal.

How do you write a letter requesting sponsorship for education? ›

How to Write a Good Sponsorship Letter:
  1. Structure your letter properly: ...
  2. Mention your sponsorship letters purpose: ...
  3. Explain what it is worth to your sponsor to help you: ...
  4. Thank them: ...
  5. Proofread and edit your sponsorship letter: ...
  6. Follow up personally:

How do you write a sponsor letter for a concert? ›

What are the elements of a music event sponsorship proposal?
  1. Cover page. ...
  2. Introduction. ...
  3. Company overview. ...
  4. Event information. ...
  5. Past events. ...
  6. Benefits of sponsoring the event. ...
  7. Audience profile. ...
  8. Sponsorship package.


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