#31 Right Eye Blinking for Female – Astrology Meaning (2023)

Blinking is an unconscious and involuntary movement of the eyelids. You do it all the time. However, your eye repeatedly blinking more than normal can be both irritating and annoying to just about anyone.

What you may not know is that this is a phenomenon that is covered in astrology. In astrology, it is believed that it may be more to it than what meets the eye, no pun intended.

To you it may seem a random movement but then it is connected to a whole lot of beliefs. All of these shall be discussed at length in this article.

Table of Contents

  • Why Right Eye for Female Blinks
    • Foreshadow of Tough times
    • Injury or Loss
    • A Friend in Need
    • Legal Troubles
  • Meaning in Astrology for Female’s Right Eye Blinking
  • Symbolism of Right Eye Blinking for Female
    • Ill health
    • Betrayal From a Close Acquaintance
    • Fight or Argument
    • Reminiscing The Love of Your Life
  • Conclusion

Why Right Eye for Female Blinks

Foreshadow of Tough times

The right eye blinking for females is seen as an omen in astrology. Usually, omens are considered to be signs which can aid in predicting the future.

Unfortunately, the right eye blinking for females is not a good omen. It foretells a troublesome future for you. It means that you will encounter a lot of problems in the future which will hamper your progress.

It is not quite clear whether it is your professional or personal life that will be affected, thus, prepare for rainier days on all fronts.

If you were in a long-term relationship with your partner and you two were planning to get married, then this might spell doom for you.

It could be a sign that the marriage will bring you a lot of heartaches or it might not even happen. Either way, it will cause a lot of heartaches.

This impending problem or trouble may even extend to your family in some cases. Hence, check up on your family and tell them to stay alert.

Injury or Loss

Impending injury or loss is not something anyone wants to hear. Unfortunately, right eye for female blinking is a of injury or loss. You will soon lose something that you hold dear.

It is a loss that might tear you apart but you are asked to stay strong through it. The loss might hurt a whole lot but it will get better with time. As to the injury, it may take you out for a while but you will bounce back.

It is all dependent on your faith, determination and hard work. Do all that you can when the time comes to recover fully so that you can go back to fulfilling your life’s sole purpose.

A Friend in Need

The right eye blinking for females in astrology has already established itself as an omen of doom. In this instance, it may be that a very close friend needs you.

The friend may have landed herself in some trouble and now needs you to show up for them. As a true friend, you are obliged to do just that. When they call, do not turn them down unless you have a strong reason behind it.

As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Be that friend. Stick up for your friends in times of need. This is not just any friend though; it is a close friend.

Maybe even a confidant. Try and make sure that they are safely delivered from the trouble. Do not let people who are after your own heart down when they need you.

Legal Troubles

Legal troubles world over are draining not only financially but emotionally. In order to survive the, you need a very fat wallet and a strong support system.

Sadly, you will be needing those pretty soon. The right eye blinking for astrology may be a sign that you will face some legal troubles. You need to buckle up because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

The legal troubles may be as a result of a divorce or even a series of disagreements with an employee. Whichever way it goes, it will not be easy.

It will take up a lot of your time, money and even sanity. Thus, the need to reiterate the need for a fund and a support system that can help keep you sane at your worst.

It is no secret that the justice system is flawed. You could end up losing everything whilst still on the right. This is a possibility that is hard to accept but all you can do is keep the faith and hope that the courts will do right by you.

Meaning in Astrology for Female’s Right Eye Blinking

According to the horoscope, the second house points towards the right eye. Also, it indicates your fixed assets and fortune.

Therefore, when your right eye blinks it is a sign that there is activity in your second house and the sign could extend to the rise of your fixed assets and fortune.

The eighth house is quite similar to the second. It is similarly a sign of good fortune, good things to come. However, this only applies to the male.

The case is different for the female because the eighth house stands for female marital longevity while the second house stands for her family in female horoscope.

For the female it is deduced that any disturbance to either the second or eighth house is a prediction of some coming trouble to members of her family (most especially her husband) or her marital life.

Symbolism of Right Eye Blinking for Female

Ill health

The right eye blinking for a female is a symbol of ill-health. This is a sign that your health may be in bad shape without you even knowing it.

Or it could be that in the future your health may not be in the best shape. This is a heads up that you should take into keen consideration and take as many precautions as possible to safeguard your health.

If you have any unhealthy lifestyle habits now is the time to ditch them. Embrace a healthier routine in your life. Some ways of doing this are exercising regularly, eating healthy (slow down or cut out the junk) and sleeping well.

Most importantly, do not forget to consult a health professional on the most suitable way forward. You may not be able to avert that period of ill health but you can at least try to ensure that you will get through it.

Betrayal From a Close Acquaintance

When your right eye is blinking (female), it is probably symbolic of betrayal from a close acquaintance. This betrayal will come as unexpected considering how close you are.

The person is probably bad-mouthing you to your bosses, divulging your inner issues that only a few know about. Or worse still, going behind your back to get to something that they know would not please you like buying things you sell from your competition.

Betrayal by a close friend has been described by some as being worse than heartbreak. Finding this out is bound to leave you in shambles. Take heart. Such is the nature of life. The universe will give you the strength to get through it.

You are advised to keep that door of friendship open despite what you have been through. Eventually, you will meet true friends who will have your interests at heart and stick around.

Fight or Argument

The right eye blinking for females is a symbol of a fight or argument. There is a chance that you will soon get into a fight or argument with someone.

The cause or outcome of the fight is unclear thus steer clear of any situations that may result in one. That includes unnecessary confrontations or arguments.

You would not want a silly argument to turn into something huge which may cost you in the long run. You do not always have to resort to fights or arguments upon disagreements.

There are other more amicable ways of solving problems. You may get severely injured in a fight that was meaningless to begin with. You most probably do not want to be that woman who lives the rest of her life regretting this decision. Make wise choices.

Reminiscing The Love of Your Life

The right eye blinking for females is usually a symbol of remembering the love of your life. These are not people you forget easily.

One way most people try to do it in order to move on is to just stop thinking about them even a little. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Your right eye blinking clearly shows that it is not working for you.


For a female, the right eye blinking is generally a bad omen in astrology. It spells doom for you. It warns of impending trouble that shall plague you. The heads-up is invaluable.

Though you may not be able to evade the danger or trouble, you will be able to adequately prepare to contain it. Thus, the effect it will have will be minimal.

Astrology is a study that is full of insights as seen above. It is therefore imperative that you do not take these omens lightly. Once you get one, do your research and find out what it means to you and your loved ones.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article !

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