10 Cartoon Character Makers to Make Animated Characters (2022)

10 Cartoon Character Makers to Create Animated Characters

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Learning cartoon making is easy through various application or makers online. Draw cartoon characters sketch in easy steps.

10 Cartoon Character Makers to Make Animated Characters (1)

With the changing marketing and business trends, people and business owners are adopting different patterns in the pictures to make them visually good and attractive. Videos and pictures with animated characters look so amazing and gain maximum customers views. This ultimately helps the business owners to generate more leads for their business.

Not only business, but the presence of animated characters is also seen in the stories and status of the people over social media accounts. People impress others through making their own cartoon characters and animated pictures or characters. Earlier it has very tough to create cartoon character, but with so many online makers today, one can easily draw and create cartoon characters. There are various platforms that use software to turn a picture into a cartoon character or even animated picture. There are easy and interesting ways to create cartoon characters. If you love to see and are interested in drawing cartoon characters, then you can make it through various platforms. Let’s see some easy way to create own cartoon character.

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01 5 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Cartoon Character [For Non-illustrators]

02 5 Create Cartoon Characters to Create Animated Characters for PRO

Part 1 5 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Cartoon Character [For Non-illustrators]

10 Cartoon Character Makers to Make Animated Characters (2)

01Through Online Avatar Builders

Avatar building is an extraordinary way of presenting yourself. The best thing with avatar builders is that there is no need to download any application. You can easily do it in your device through online websites. They are the easiest and economical way of creating cartoon. You can add fun elements with these Avatar builders. Some of the websites that offer avatar building tools are:

Cartoonize: You can instantly make cartoon or avatar characters through Cartoonize. It can be used for face customization and adding colors. Face features like eyes, nose, hair style and expressions can be perfectly drawn with this tool. You can learn more by going to their official website.

The process is simple. You can upload your picture, go to cartoonize option at the top of the menu, do the necessary edits and features. Save it and your avatar cartoon is ready.

The other avatar building platforms are charatoon and Face your Manga. For Face your Manga, Adobe Flash Player is required. The gallery can be explored with some famous avatar of popular personalities.

02Character builders

The other way to create your own cartoon character is through character builders. The difference of this cartoon making is that one can create a complete cartoon with complete features. Like from head to toe. GraphicMama Character Maker Packs is one that offers kit to make customized cartoons.

03Tools for converting pictures into cartoons

A perfect cartoon can be made when it resemble truly as you are. The best method for doing that is using software to turn a picture into a cartoon. Filters, facial expressions and styles can be added through this way. Adobe Character Animator is a tool that can be used to convert a picture, catch the facial expression and voice.

You can learn to create cartoon character from photo by following the video

The other two ways are related to taking help of others in making the cartoon characters. Some of them are:

04Outsourcing designers or illustrators

When the perfection level is not achieved through own creation, the other option is to get it done through designers or illustrators. There are freelancers and studio who offer such services. They create cartoon as per the requirement of the customers.

05Modification in Stock cartoon characters

Those who are not having any experience of making cartoons, they can use the stocks cartoon characters and can change them with the use of software.

Part 2 5 Create Cartoon Characters to Create Animated Characters for PRO

A professional cartoon maker need some advance tools and features to give a unique and perfect look to his cartoon drawn. So, for them some applications or cartoon character maker is good. Let’s see some of the makers that are specifically designed for professionals:


This has various themes to make your cartoon look great. It brings life to a character. The steps involve in making a cartoon character is as under:

As required, select the animated template.

You can add customized features as such as backgrounds, pictures and animated text.

Music can also be added and can be selected from the library.

After the character is ready, you can share or download the video.


This is the most widely platform or maker for creating high quality contents, cartoon avatar and games. Sketch and drawing tool are there in the maker that gives real experience to the cartoon. The platform facilitates exploring the file to WebGL, SVG and Adobe AIR.

You can view how it works and the process in the video-


Text and voice has given a new definition to the cartoon world. If you desire to add some interesting elements in cartoon through text and voices, then Reallusion is a good option for you. It has 3D head creation tool which can be used to make animated cartoons for mails and e-cards.

You can view how it works and the process in the video-


This cartoon maker has some great collection of professionally designed templates, to make cartoon making process easy and perfect. Templates for kids, education, character adventure, healthcare and iconic animation are some of the collections one can find in this maker.

The process of cartoon creation is easy with following steps:

Choose the most excellent cartoon templates or start from zero through sketch,

You can edit the already available stories. Even animated characters can be used.

Add some customized features like voice or music, style or colors.

This is how you can create exclusive vibrant cartoons.

Video can be watched at-


Biteable has several templates like leadership skill tips, travel agent explainer and many more. The video clips, music, animated templates of this maker create engaging cartoon characters.

The process to develop a cartoon video through Biteable is as under:

Open the maker Biteable

As per your requirement, pick the one cartoon template

Log in the account

You can add many effects like backing music, clips and text.

As made in the website, you can share on social media and emails.

Part 3 How to Create a Cartoon Character: A General Guide

A professional cartoon expert becomes an expert after a continuous practice. It’s not easy to learn making cartoons. Therefore to be an expert one need to learn the basics and other important principles for cartoon making. A general guide for the same is as under:

Begin with basic steps

Learn the basic shapes like making ovals, circles and other shapes. This will help you to be perfection in making the basic outline of the cartoon. This will improve you skill and you can explore more possibilities with the basic outlines.

Shape improvement

This is an advance stage of basic step. This step will help you to define the shape of the cartoon character you are going to draw. It gives structure and design to a character.

Including details

This stage is more about designing a character. Pose, expression, attires, props are selected in this step. The personality of a character is made better. It makes the character more interesting and engaging.

Shadow of cartoon character

Before giving a final touch to the character, it is necessary to check the shadow of the picture drawn. It will show whether you are on right path or not.

Final touch

The last step is adding all details in the character. It may be straight teeth, big smile, messy hairs or anything. Lines can be made fine and clean. You can add colors of your choice.

The other platform or cartoon maker that can be checked out is Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is software used for making, editing and adding effects to pictures or videos. It is easy to use application loaded with many advanced tools and features to make picture and video editing simple. Those who are looking for a robust application for capturing some precious moments through picture and videos, then Filmora is a perfect application.

Filmora can be used to draw and insert cartoon characters in any video. Animation, text and music can be added effectively with Filmora. A beginner can easily learn to create cartoon character online.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

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